Rotork electric actuator selection points

There are many types of electric actuators. Electric actuators and valves of different types and functions can be called electric valves. However, in the process of designing and selecting, only the parameters of the valve are neglected or the electric actuator is not clearly defined. The relevant-----

Data Analysis Status of China's Robot Industry

China is the world's largest robot market. This market is not only China but also the world. Now all the robot companies in the world are focusing their attention here. The Chinese government is also issuing a series of policies to ensure that domestic robot companies can be in a favor-----

Fan type variable pole asynchronous motor CAD came out

2 The inverse function calculation method sets the cam contour curve equation to h=, generation, = edge. Among them, 7 is the period, and its inverse function is household 9 because the stepping motor is a pulse motor, and each pulse is equivalent to a pulse equivalent, so the discrete curve equat-----