Dry strong magnetic separation of manganese ore (1)

The magnetic separation process is carried out in the magnetic field of the magnetic separator by means of the action of force and mechanical force on the ore particles. Different magnetic ore particles move along different trajectories and are sorted into two or more separate beneficiation product-----

Gold cyanide leaching

Cyanide gold extraction is one of the main methods for extracting gold from gold ore. The explanation of the mechanism of cyanide on the dissolution of gold is still inconsistent. Most people think that gold can form a gold complex in the presence of oxygen in cyanide solution and dissolve it. The -----

Deposition of diamond film on cemented carbide

Hard alloy on chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamond film coating have shown excellent tool for industrial application. However, the biggest technical obstacle to the application of such tool materials is the low bonding strength between the deposited diamond film and the cemented carbide substrat-----

China's alumina production process

China's aluminum oxide plant Hu 6: 2003 alumina production in Shanxi Aluminum Plant 1.41 million t; Henan Aluminum Company of 1.37 million t; Zhongzhou Aluminum 850 000 t; Shandong Aluminum 930 000 t; Pingguo Aluminum Company 69 Wan t; Guizhou Aluminum Factory 750,000t. We have been producing m-----

Recover gold from gold-containing waste materials

In the production and use of gold or silver products, or gold or silver-containing products, a large amount of waste is generated and old products are used. The gold and silver grades of these waste materials are much higher than ore and the process is simple. It is also economically cost-effective-----

Fixed bed ion exchange equipment

A typical fixed bed ion exchange equipment and process is shown in Figure 1. The figure shows the two-column adsorption and one-column rinsing process. That is, the I and II towers are adsorbed in series, and the III tower is rinsed. Of course, more towers can be adsorbed in series. Fixed bed ion e-----