Talking about the current situation of LED lighting

It is understood that the global promotion of low-carbon life, energy-saving and carbon-reducing LED lighting has become the darling of the times. LED is a new generation of environmentally friendly light source. Its high brightness, low heat, long life and environmental protection are called t

Silicon substrate LED technology changes the global LED industry landscape

On January 8, the silicon substrate LED technology completed by Professor Jiang Fengyi of Nanchang University won the first prize of the 2015 National Technology Invention Award. Silicon substrate LED technology has changed the global LED industry landscape. With the technological advantages an

NVC's home business target exceeds Philips Op Lighting

On January 11, 2016, Zhongshan NVC Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. held its 2015 annual meeting. The purpose of this activity is to comprehensively summarize the 2015 business operations and clarify the 2016 business ideas and plans in order to achieve the goal of commending advanced, encouraging

Yiguang Q1 performance is weak, Q2 is expected to gradually warm down

In the fourth quarter of last year, Taiwan's LED packaging giant Everlight's performance was roughly flat with the support of lighting kinetic energy stabilization and backlighting. Under the influence of the Lunar New Year holiday in the first quarter of this year, the overall performa

Rotork electric actuator selection points

There are many types of electric actuators. Electric actuators and valves of different types and functions can be called electric valves. However, in the process of designing and selecting, only the parameters of the valve are neglected or the electric actuator

Light trucks face the five severe challenges of the country

The past practice of the commercial vehicle industry shows that every upgrade and implementation of emission regulations is accompanied by severe market pains. In 2014, the implementation of the National IV emission standards made the light trucks in the subdivided areas of commercial veh