Research on Application of Computer Network in Security System

With the development of society, science and technology are more and more developed, but at the same time, it is accompanied by a variety of security risks. Therefore, the security issue has become the most important issue, regardless of our family life or production and operation, whether it

Drying tower fires fires for three hours to eliminate dangerous situations

At 11pm on the 15th, a grain bank in Changling Town, Shuangyang District, suddenly caught fire. In the evening when the wind was high, the fire quickly spread through the wind. Peng: If we do not save in time, the grain in the grain store can all be burned.

After receiving the alar

Valve jams or clogging treatment

Cleaning method
The welding slag, rust, slag, etc. in the pipeline cause blockage or jamming in the throttle orifice, guide part, and the lower bonnet balance hole, causing the valve core surface and guide surface to be scratched and scratched, and the seal surfac

Analysis of Drying Equipment Status in Germany and Japan

Drying technology has made great progress with the development of related industries. Drying technology involves the quality, shape, and physical state of the different types of products before and after drying. The energy consumption of drying equipment exceeds 10% of its total energy consump