How to replace the jaw crusher thrust plate?

When the thrust plate of the jaw crusher is seriously worn or the front thrust plate is broken, the ore in the crushing chamber must be removed, the worn or broken thrust plate must be taken out, and the brackets on the moving jaw and the connecting rod shou

Re-election example of foreign copper alloy tailings

The copper tailings are re-elected extensively in foreign countries. In Michigan, the United States will re-grind and flotation (or ammonia leaching) of copper tailings, processing 82 million tons, and producing 338,000 tons of copper. The United States al

Coagulation inclined tube precipitation method

The wastewater from the workshop is firstly separated into solid and liquid by a grit chamber, and the grit of the grit chamber is discharged into the tailings field through the unloading gate. The supernatant liquid overflowing from the grit chamber is mixed and then enters the reactor to

On-site technical transformation - Lion Rock Copper Ore

The nature and origin of clay mineral ore industry type mainly containing copper and copper skarn breccia ore relatively simple, single copper ore. The slime is mainly from the mining process.
Desliming process and improvement The origina