MES Technoservice wins long-term engine maintenance contract

It is reported that Mitsui Shipbuilding's subsidiary MES Technoservice has received a long-term engine maintenance contract from the merchant ship Mitsui LNG Transportation (Europe), which will provide 20-year maintenance service for LNG ships managed by Merchant Marine Mitsui LNG.

Poe switch 4 connection methods

Many friends who do security monitoring and wireless coverage projects have a lot of knowledge about PoE power supply, and also recognize the benefits of PoE power supply. However, in actual project wiring, PoE has many limitations, such as the upper switch and the lower end. When the termina

Freeze dryer operating principle and operation guide

Introduction: Freeze-drying (hereinafter referred to as lyophilization) is the method of preserving water-containing substances by first freezing them into a solid state, and then sublimating the water from the solid state to a gaseous state to remove the