How the anti-theft alarm system works

The anti-theft alarm system uses a physical method or an electronic technology to automatically detect an intrusion behavior occurring in the arming monitoring area, generate an alarm signal, and prompt the area where the on-duty personnel have an alarm, and display a system that may take cou

Keep in mind these 11 details of the network video surveillance project

Many friends in the monitoring project, often have some problems, not ip address conflict, that is, the image is not displayed or the power supply is unstable, etc., causing the problem may be a small detail, but checking the problem may require a lot of trouble, put all It is possible to det

Motor roller vibration sensor

Motor roller vibration sensor

Based on the HN500 integrated vibration sensor, a liquid crystal display with backlight is added to display the vibration velocity RMS or vibration displacement peak-to-peak value through the LCD screen, and with a standard 4-20 mA current output, direct c