What are the reasons for LED full color display screen?

The new small-pitch LED display has just been charged. The vast majority of the reason is because the LED software control card settings are not scanned correctly, and the cable is not plugged in.
If it is because of the use of a period of time after the use of the screen phen

Why is the face recognition technology application so popular?

With the acceleration of the construction of smart cities, breakthroughs in new technologies such as biometrics and artificial intelligence, intelligent face recognition access control has gradually replaced traditional access control, and face recognition access control systems have graduall

Today's recommendation: Liberation J6 single bridge 17 tanker

The tanker is divided into a variety of tank sizes, 5 squares, 8 squares, 10 squares, 15 squares, 18 squares, 20 squares, 25 squares, etc. The volume of tanks of different sizes is matched with the suitable chassis. Today I will introduce you to a t

Who developed the QR code access management software?

Nowadays, the use of scanning code access is becoming more and more extensive, not only in various high-end office buildings or office areas, but also in many communities. Because scanning code access can bring many benefits, such as easy to use, easy to install, low maintenance costs, and so