Reshuffling of pharmaceutical and commercial businesses in 2007

In 2007, the pharmaceutical market will have the following characteristics: The market share of foreign-funded enterprises will increase rapidly; the pharmaceutical industry will reshuffle and new business conditions will emerge; the growth of the first terminal will slow down; the growth of t

Solid material flow delivery device passed identification

The 100 tons/hour solids air flow test device developed by Shanghai Jinshende Powder Engineering Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Engineering Co., Ltd., and the large-scale powder PTA conveying engineering technology research and application technology development project, have recently passed the Sinop

Dispensing pump removal methods and procedures

1, detachable parts are not disassembled as far as possible without demolition. 2, the distribution pump in operation, use a small oil tray to take out the flow of diesel. 3, remove the pump rotor, rotor must be distributed along the direction of rotation to

Geothermal technology in China has been an important breakthrough

In the cold season, people can enjoy a warm and comfortable life without burning coal, gas or electricity, which will become a reality. The research and demonstration project of shallow geothermal drilling technology jointly undertaken by the School of Architecture and Engineering of Jilin Univ

Rejuvenate the equipment industry before getting talented

It is an indisputable fact that China's equipment manufacturing industry is large and not strong. For example, we can manufacture advanced Cnc Machine Tools , but often CNC machine systems for machine tools are made in Germany. The turning tools and drill bits are made in Japan, and a set

The first Shen Jian shield machine "water" in April

Because he is a member of Shenyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. (heavy) involved in the manufacture of the first shield machine, and in mid-April, this machine was assembled at the stage of the test.

“I can finally see a complete machine made up of parts made by my

GPS monitoring accident ship off

On the 23rd, the Wuhan Maritime Court Chongqing Court opened the GPS ship water monitoring system. The judges can use the mouse to front of the computer and can view the technical

Chemical Company Digging Vehicle Fuel Cell Market

Fuel cell-powered vehicles have begun to show growth in the past two years. By 2013, the number of fuel cell cars in the world will reach 200,000, fuel cell buses will reach 1,500, and fuel cell vehicles will reach 30,000. This is the newly-published figure of the American Chemical Week. The d