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6.5kw Diesel Generators

  • Product Name:  6.5kw Diesel Generators
  • Model NO.:  KYDG8600X/E/T/3
  • Origin:  China
  • Brand Name:  HT
  • Product Details:  6.5kw Diesel Generators

Features and Benefits:
  Powered 4-Stroke air-cooled Diesel Engine.
  Compact and portable power for emergency and home standby use.
  Circuit breaker protects overload operation.
  Emergency low oil alert warn the low lube oil level.
  Large muffler for quiet operation.
  AVR alternator provides stable voltage and current.
  Standard configuration of voltmeter.

Optional device A.T.S. control box with digital display:
(1) While the Mains Supply is failure, the ATS will start the generator automatically
within 3-28 seconds (time can be adjustable).
(2) If the commercial power (home power/city power) recovers, the ATS will transfer to
the commercial power supply automatically and stop the generator after 23-230 minutes
to protecting the damage of the engine parts by sudden stopping.
(3) Included four protection device: alarm and shutdown to low oil pressure,
high coolant temperature, over-speed and emergency stop.

ITEM Model KYDG8600E/T/A KYDG8600E3/T3/EA3
GENERATOR Frequency:Hz 50 60 50 60
Rated output:Kva 6 6.5 7.5 8
Max.output:Kva 6.5 7 8 8.5
Rated.AC voltage:V 115/230 120/240 230/400 240/416
Current:A 52.1/26.1 54.17/27.1 10.8 11.1
Phase sigle-phase 3-Phase
DC output: 12V/8.3A 12V/8.3A
Power factor:COS COS=1 COS=0.8
Alternator type self-excited; 2-pole;single phase alternator
Starting system  Electric Starter  Electric Starter
Operatong noise lecel
(at 7m):dB(A)
X:77; T:72 X:77; T:72
Fuel tank capacity:L 12.5 12.5
ENGINE Model 188FE 188FE
Type Single-cylinder,vertical,4-stroke air-cooled diesel engine
Bore  Stroke(mm) 8875 8875
Fuel Summer:0# Winter: -10# Summer:0# Winter: -10#
Lubricatiom oil Model: SAE10W-30(above CD grade) SAE10W-30(above CD grade)
Lubricatiom oil volume:L 1.65 1.65
Fuel comsumption
290 295 290 295
Displacement:L 0.45 0.45
Power/speed:KW, r/min 7.7/3000 8.3/3600 7.7/3000 8.3/3600
Compression Ratio 19 19
Combustion system Direct lnjection Direct lnjection
Voltmeter Yes Yes
AC Output Socket 2 2
AC circuit breaker Yes Yes
Oil warning light Yes Yes
Oil alert Yes Yes
DC circuit breaker Optional Optional
Calculagraph Optional Optional
Big Wheel Optional Optional
Current meter Optional Optional
ATS Optional Optional
AMF Digital Panel Optional Optional
Remote control Optional Optional
DIMENSIONS Structure: X:Open-frame; T:Soundproof X:Open-frame; T:Soundproof
Dimension:mm X:760515710; T:970560770 X:760515710; T:970560770
Dry weight:kg X:97; T:170 X:100; T:103
20FT X:99; T:72 X:99; T:72

* Mark "X" means open-frame type, "E" electrical start. "T" soundproof type, "3" three phase, "A" digital panel.