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Used natural gas generator

  • Product Name:  Used natural gas generator
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  Wood packing
  • Brand Name:  Running
  • Delivery Time:  7 Days
  • Minimum Order:  1 Set/Sets
  • Supply Ability:  10000sets/Y
  • Quality System Certification:  CE SGS
  • Product Details:  Used natural gas generator

Introduction for the Natural gas vs diesel generator:

By the engine, generator and control system, so called generators.
Diesel generators are diesel prime mover, drag a power supply of synchronous generators.

A quick start, easy operation and maintenance, low investment, strong adaptability to the environment of the power plant
According to the different needs of different places, we have generators divided into fixed and movable trailer,

in order to reduce the noise emitted by the turbines, reducing the impact on people's work and life,

prompting designers to design a speaker with static electricity unit,

that is to install a metal box outside turbines, internal sound-absorbing material attached,

thus bringing together around the turbine protection, both sides of the box door,

so convenient for people on maintenance and control of the generator set.

Static speaker not only reduce the noise emitted by the generator set,

and can be placed outdoors, the box like a house, sun, rain,

so that people do save room no place to worry.

Diesel generator set is divided into common and standby generator sets generator sets,

power is correspondingly divided into commonly used power and standby power.

Each generator set standard common power generally 80% of the standby power.

According to different needs, usually use the national grid, due to power only if necessary,

use the backup diesel generators; if takes a long time to run,

please select common diesel generator sets, often the maintenance

of words commonly used diesel generator to run each year The time can be more than 300 days.

Commonly used power and standby power relationship is:

For example, the user needs to 100KW diesel generator sets, spare 100KW diesel generator set of

common power 100KW * 80% = 80KW. That is common power backup 100KW diesel generator is 80KW.

If the installation of a diesel generator quiet speaker, then the power generating units will decline,

generally fall about 10%. So, when users buy diesel generator sets, you should consider the problem of static speaker's power declined.

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