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CNG Gas Generator

CNG natural gas is a kind of compressed natural gas ,which are truly a backup fuel for a backup generator. Your engine will last longer, start better in cold weather and even start next year when you go to use it in an emergency.


1. CNG gas Generator:

We are professional manufacture of various generator set with 18 years

experiences such as gas generator set ,diesel generator set,duel fuel generator set.

Power range from 10KW to 1100KW.

Our generator set suit for natural gas,biogas,LPG gas and mine gas as fuel.

Not only use the gas generator set for power generating ,we also can make use of

engine emissions for heating and cooling called CHP(Combined Heating and Power)

or CCHP(Combined Cooling Heating and Power),The integrated thermal efficiency

is no less than 85%.

Our gas generator set are widely used in the community ,hotel,rural area,gas field,

coal mine,chemical companies,distillery,fermentation plant,landfill,sewage plant .

We have exported to Russia,Japan,Thailand,Bangladesh,South America,Africa and so on.

Technical advantages:

Value seat materials are imported special steel,valve use wear-resistant materials and he latest technology.

Piston and cylinder head production using new materials ,high-performance low emission hybrid rapid combustion cylinder.

Combustion control technology to protect machine film.

Change the duration of the ignition control,long-life spark plugs .

Integrated control diagnostics,integrated approach to control the explosion-proof technology.

Service advantage:

The optimal cost-effective:the transcendent with the level of product quality ,reasonable price!

The most efficient delivery:Delivery in place in time.

The service the most assured:domestic service within 48 hours arriving on time and prompt guidance to the daily maintenance,

Product quality ,repair ,exchange,refund,credit guarantee!

Comprehensive benefits:

An advance high-energy ignition system,the engine ignition and reliable,start easier.

Using advanced electronic governor and gas regulator system;make the unit more stable and reliable.

Multiple units can be realized in parallel and network can increase the total installed capacity and ease of maintenance Unit-specific components,convenient maintenance,low cost.

Good economy ,low operating costs,long life uint.

Using high-profile cabinet,integrated treatment diagnostic tech, Explosion-proof integrated process control technology.

Unit to achieve multi-level protection,run more secure.

Chaoran gas engines possess proprietary technology and independent intellectual property rights,with more then 20 years experiences and good ,it gains so many users and gen-set manufactures recognition.

Service concept:

Providing customers with excellent service is transcendent purpose . The company has passed ISO9001-2000 international quality management system certification,we will provide you with services of the pre-consultation system design,commissioning guide to maintenance,sapre parts and so on.

Pre-sale service:

In the pre-detailed technical parameters of products to help customers equipment selection and system design.

Quality of Service:

Our professional provide you with the most appropriate design and optimization.

After-sale service:

Establish customer service files for end users,provides operations ,technical guidance,tracking service,regular visits,life-long maintenance .


Quality of Service:

Note:generator warranty for one year from the date of delivery or the date of the first motor car 1500 hours(whichever occurs first.)

Outside the warranty period,we will charge a fixed fee provisions ,spare parts price will be provided.


Spare parts:

You all year round and offers a variety of inexpensive high-quality spare parts technical support.

Quality of Service:

We have plenty of spare parts inventory to meet your needs.

Repair or maintenance services:

Provide equipment for your year round maintenance or overhaul services.

Quality of Service:

We provide debugging and maintenance service to users.