1: 14 Reduction Gearbox for Construction Hoist Parts

Model NO.: 1: 14
Installation: Torque Arm Type
Type: Worm and Gear
Ratio: 10, 12, 14, 16, 25
Gearing Arrangement: Worm
Transport Package: Carton Packing, Wooden Box Packing
Specification: 35KG
Origin: China
HS Code: 8483409000

1: 16 Reduction Gearbox for Construction Hoist Parts

11-15 KW Ratio 16: 1 Speed Reducer for Construction Hoist
11-15 KW Ratio 14: 1 Speed Reducer for Construction Hoist
11-15 KW Ratio 12: 1 Speed Reducer for Construction Hoist

Reducer between the prime mover and the working machine or the actuator from the effect of matching the speed and transfer torque , speed reducer is a relatively sophisticated machinery , using its purpose is to reduce the speed and increase torque . Reducer is enclosed in a rigid shell made of gears , worm gear , gear - worm gear consisting of independent components , commonly used as a prime mover deceleration gear and work machines. Between the prime mover and the implementing agencies to work or play the role of matching the speed and torque transfer in modern machinery wide range of applications .
1: 14 Reduction Gearbox for Construction Hoist Parts
The features of Reducer for Construction Elevator:
The reducers have the following features because of using plane enveloping worm gear as compared with other kinds of worm transmissions: larger loading capactiy and compact dimension and higher efficiency and smoother and quieter functioning longer service life.
Product Specifications
TCW125/Cylindrical worm reducer
Center distance(mm) 125
Ratio Nominal 10 12 14 16 20 25
Actual 10 12 14 16 25 25.5
Carrying capacity and efficiency
Ratio(i) Enter the number of revolutions(min) Input power(KW) Nominal output torque(NM) Overall transmission efficiency(%)
10 1500 11.02 800 89
10 1500 11.06 960 88
 1: 14 Reduction Gearbox for Construction Hoist Parts
•Terms of payment : TT/LC/DP
•Delivery time:           20 days
•Packing:                   export standard
1: 14 Reduction Gearbox for Construction Hoist Parts
According to customer's needs,the company can also provide nonstandard product's research,manufacturing and a variety of security technology consulting and solutions.
Construction hoist parts including
Gear Rack; Safety device; Motor; Driving device; Gear box; Gearbox; Coupling; Gear; Brake sheet; Windlass machine; Hoist mechanism; Limit switch; Rollers; Overload indicator and sensor;etc.
1: 14 Reduction Gearbox for Construction Hoist Parts
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1: 14 Reduction Gearbox for Construction Hoist Parts

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