4517 SAIC Hongyan single class monthly production of new high

At 5 o'clock on the afternoon of January 31, SAIC Hongyan completed the extraordinary assembly line in the assembly area of ​​the entire vehicle assembly plant. After a month-long battle of the company’s full-time employees, it ushered in a new historical moment. In March, the entire vehicle produced 4,517 vehicles, setting a record The new monthly production record for a single class of vehicles indicates that the SAIC Hongyan Production and Marketing Conference won the first battle.

March 2017 was an unforgettable month for all SAIC Hongyan people. On March 3, SAIC Hongyan announced that it had entered the production and sales “wartime” state. The company strengthened its production and operation management, and held management meetings, production and delivery regular meetings, and marketing work meetings on time every day to comprehensively increase the market response speed and ensure the orderly progress of production and sales. A wartime field work group was set up in the large manufacturing system to quickly coordinate and resolve various problems encountered at the production site, improve the response speed of each responsible unit, and fully promote large-scale production organizations. The Logistic Support Working Group adhered to the guiding ideology of “All for the front line and all services for the front line” and launched front-line staff and family members of overseas marketing staff to visit and convey sympathy activities, and spared no efforts to provide logistical support for food, shelter, transportation, etc., and provided all-weather service support. Big sales. All grassroots party organizations gave full play to the role of party organizations fighting bastions and party members vanguard role models. After one month of unremitting efforts, as of March 31, SAIC Hongyan produced a total of 4,517 complete vehicles in March and sold 4017 vehicles, successfully completing the "wartime" core target in March.

At the off-line ceremony, Lou Jianping, general manager of SAIC Hongyan, said in a passionate manner: The single-class production of 4,517 vehicles each month has left another footprint in the history of Hongyan Auto. After a month of general assembly and the successful completion of the monthly production plan, people have truly felt the spirit of Hongyan and proved that the SAIC Hongyan team is competitive and stands up to the pressure. As for the long-term development of Hongyan, we still have a long way to go. Now we have only taken the first step, and we have to take the second and third steps afterwards. We have to go ahead with the production and sales of 40,000, 50,000, and 100,000 vehicles. It is hoped that the majority of cadres and employees will not forget the beginning of the heart and continue to work hard to fully win the "wartime" big production and marketing.

SAIC Hongyan General Manager Lou Jianping, Chief Financial Officer Hu Chunfang, senior manager Dang Shengyong, and department heads and employee representatives witnessed this historic moment. On-site applause and cheers continued. The victory in the first battle of the production and sales congress has enabled the cadres and employees to be highly motivated and full of confidence. Everyone is actively responding to another round of new challenges with hundredfold enthusiasm.

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