A brief description of the purchase methods of the top ten automotive supplies

The choice and matching of jewelry can not only reflect the taste of clothing, but also the natural expression of life attitude. As an important part of the automobile life, more and more car owners nowadays like to buy some small accessories to dress up the car, making the car camp a fluid and warm living space, allowing people to enjoy personal care and convenience in the process of using the car. But in the face of a wide range of automotive products on the market, how to decorate and what to buy is a problem. Here, we provide some reference cheats for the majority of car owners when choosing the common car accessories. The first thing to be reminded is that interior decoration and accessories must be strictly selected to prevent the decoration of plastic and seat cover pads containing harmful substances into the car; if the newly purchased seat covers are textiles, they should be rinsed with water first. Use it later.

First, the steering wheel cover

Adding a suitable steering wheel cover to the steering wheel not only brings more convenience and joy to driving, but also protects the steering wheel from wear and tear. There are many kinds of steering wheel covers, and they can be classified into different types of materials. They can be divided into plush, plush, velvet, thick cloth, imitation leather, leather, diving cloth, rubber pellets, leather, and so on. Improved materials, such as anti-skid granules, short sleeve embroidered steering wheel covers, etc.

Choosing Cheats: When choosing a steering wheel cover, be careful not to match the size of the steering wheel cover with the steering wheel, but also to be consistent with the overall interior style and color. Winter can choose to feel more warm stuffed or thick cloth and other materials, in the summer can choose rubber, imitation leather or diving cloth and other materials. If you really like the velvet material, you can also choose a relatively fine velvet material. Men generally choose the leather steering wheel cover, and women's choices are much broader. They often buy beautiful clothes for the car's steering wheel, just like picking clothes for themselves.

Second, seat cover Weiwei car seat cover special customized all models

The long-term use of the seat is not resistant to dirt and abrasion, so it is necessary to buy a seat cover for the car. The general seat cover is three kinds of ordinary fabrics, linen fabrics and silk fabrics. The seat cover of the silk fabric can be used when it is hot, while the ordinary fabric or linen fabric is also very good in cold weather.

Choosing Cheats: Owners should pay attention to three aspects when purchasing: 1. Fabrics. Owners can judge the quality of the seat cover fabrics from years of experience in clothes purchase; 2. Design styles. Pay attention to the harmony with the style of the car; 3, work. Professional manufacturers, each car seat has a cardboard, which means manufacturers tailored seat covers for a variety of car models. Therefore, if the seat cover is not fit or the work is rough, it means that the seat cover is not top grade. It should be reminded that although the comfort of automobile seat covers of pure cotton texture is good, the merchants will add silk to cotton in consideration of the fact that the seat cover needs certain abrasion resistance and beautification. As a result, the cotton seat cover has the problem of love pilling and cotton silk mixed seat cover love jumps. The fabric seat covers are decorated with stickers as a means of decoration, and their prices are in the middle and low grades. If this type of adhesive sticker has a small area, it is acceptable. Otherwise, the weather will become warmer, and its disadvantage of poor air permeability will become apparent. The method for consumers to distinguish the quality of the rubber stickers is to stretch the part of the seat cover with a sticker. If the quality is excellent, the elasticity of the sticker should be proportional to the elasticity of the back of the cloth, otherwise the sticker will not be easy to break. The position begins to fall off.

Third, the mat

Car interior floor cleaning is more troublesome, with the mat more convenient. There are two kinds of mats, plastic pads and fabric pads, and the plastic pads are easy to clean. They are suitable for economical vehicles. The fabric pads have a high grade and are suitable for cars above mid-range.

Choosing Cheats: Generally speaking, it is better to give preference to the additional products provided by the original factory. On the one hand, the overall style of the vehicle can be guaranteed. On the other hand, the original factory can better understand its own product design, and the produced decorations will be more suitable. . For owners who really need to change their pads, pay attention to the following points when purchasing: 1. Is the size of the mat and the size of the car appropriate? Too big or too small will cause the foot pad to shift during the braking process. Once your pedal is stuck or hooked on the foot pad, it may cause a vicious traffic accident; 2. The foot pad is not as thick as possible. Some consumers will emphasize the thickness more when choosing a mat. In fact, the material of the mat is the most important. A well-designed floor mat is not easy to wear, and it is very easy to clean. It will not be a problem for three to five years. 3. Some car's floor will be equipped with a buckle for the floor mat. When you buy a new floor mat, Must also buy a hole with positioning; 4, now on the market there are some 3D design of the three-dimensional floor mats, these floor mats will be based on the actual design of each car undulating floor shape, the benefits of tailoring is more fit, but there are drawbacks, first of all The cost of production is slightly higher, followed by the fact that some three-dimensional mats that have been made indiscriminately will not only fit, but will also affect driving; 5. It is necessary to try first after installing new mats. The specific method is to stop the pedal, press the pedals of the accelerator, brake and clutch by hand to see if they can be in the end. Then move the pads forward and backward to see if they interfere with each other.

Fourth, curtains

The car has curtains, which not only have a decorative effect but also block the windows of the car, and can also achieve the complete privacy of the owner. Curtains are fastened with fasteners that do not damage the car's original structure. In addition, the use of guide rails can facilitate shrinking curtains.

Buy Cheats: According to different vehicles, choose special curtains with different specifications. The price of curtains varies from ordinary tens of dollars to several hundred dollars and even thousands of dollars for electric vehicles. General curtains are very cheap, and there are very few brands. There is an order-to-do service to the supplies.

Five, dumplings

The car is often covered with dust, clean with a tweezers and does not harm the interior. The oil pods are not used now. The main variety is wax rake. Under normal circumstances, the more hair wax content, the more cars will not hurt.

Choosing Cheats: The more expensive things are, the more you should be careful. When choosing such cheap car interiors, do not buy them in the hands of unlicensed vendors selling on the street. Although they are sold at a very low price, they are found to be of very poor quality when used. Most of them are Sanwu and counterfeit products, which can easily harm the car.

Six, mink

Sometimes there are some stains in the car that cannot be wiped. At this time, the fur will come in handy. Its advantage is that it can erase some relatively stubborn dirt. Under normal circumstances, the benefits of molting are lint-free, soft texture, and relatively strong. It should be noted that the so-called suede used for cleaning cars is mostly made of other skins, not animal skins like deer but less than deer, yellowish black, leather uppers, gloves, etc. It's not that you can buy a big chunk of tens of dollars in Auto City.

Choosing Cheats: Today, chamois cloth has replaced ordinary towels as the new darling of car owners. Many professional car wash rooms are also equipped with large pieces of suede cloth as a professional tool for cleaning cars. The car body and window glass that are rubbed with a suede cloth can dry quickly, leaving no water marks, scratching the body like a towel, and leaving fuzz that is difficult to remove. To buy good quality fur is to have a good feel and a large piece of cloth. It is cut from the entire piece of suede and has a uniform thickness and a high tensile strength. It is very convenient for cleaning the car, instead of using a whole piece of leather. Made of scrap. Note that it is best not to rot holes in the entire skin.

Seven, Xiang Hong car beauty car perfume

The car has now become an essential partner for many people, and even more people regard the car as their own home. The taste of home must be pleasing and pleasant, so car perfume has become a subject of increasing concern among car owners. Commonly used car fragrances are mainly aerosol, liquid and solid types. In general, the car fragrance is lemony if it is yellow, green apple is green, pink is strawberry, tender green is pine, violet is grape, milky white is jasmine, light blue or pale Green is minty and orange is cherry. The aroma of good car perfumes is mainly based on fruity fragrance, followed by floral fragrance and medicinal incense. A good product not only exquisitely produced, lasting scent, but also kills bacteria and removes odors, while inferior products soon smell no scent, and odors cannot be compared with good products. If you buy a bad aroma product, it will cause great harm to your body and may cause secondary pollution in your car.

Choosing Cheats: Use perfumes with caution. Many current perfumes are chemical compounds. They themselves have a certain level of pollution. They should be more cautious when choosing to purchase. Consumers should try their best to use synthetic products with high purity and safe natural flavors. Experts said that inferior products, perfume volatile faster, more pungent aroma, under the irradiation of sunlight over a period of time, the color will gradually become white, consumers can make a simple judgment based on this. It is very important to choose car fragrances and pay attention to quality. At the same time, you can follow the following principles: Do not be too strong in taste; Summer perfumes emit fast, and light days may choose light odors to avoid more irritation; In winter, you can choose refreshing and scent-conscious If the car is frequently air-conditioned, it is necessary to use a highly volatile car fragrance in order to timely and effectively remove the odor from the air conditioner.

Eight, car stickers

In addition to the strange decorations inside the car, car stickers are gradually becoming a new form of car expression. It should be said that car stickers are the most intuitive, eye-catching, and simplest method of car body decoration. The material of the car stickers is mainly PVC outdoor special glue stickers that can adapt to outdoor conditions. Although the materials and colors are not as rich as the fabrics of the clothes, there are many options such as fluorescent, matt, metal reflective, metal wire drawing and so on. Car stickers everywhere in the upper and lower parts of the car, on both sides of the body, hood, lamp eyebrows, skirts, wheels, as long as the current laws and regulations allow a reasonable creation, you can fully enjoy the owner's personality hobby. The car stickers are not allowed to be posted as they like. Placing patterns on the windows may affect the driving of the vehicles. The rear window stickers that are too irritating to the colors may interfere with the sight of the driver. According to relevant laws and regulations, the traffic police may impose a fine of 20-200 yuan on the owner of the vehicle if it is affixed to a window or other position that obstructs the line of sight or obstructs the license plate.

Buy Cheats: 1, it is best to finish the license plate after the vehicle, do car stickers, keep the vehicle original data; 2, choose a good sticker, paper to smooth, bright surface, soft, low-grade paper made of stickers Hard, no glossy surface, it looks like lines on the paper, this sticker is not affixed with any gloss, and will remove the paint when it is removed. In addition, colloid is also very important, bad stickers on the body will cause the body to lose luster, but also leave a plastic bottle; 3, when replacing the stickers, as long as the car sticker blowing hot with a hair dryer can be easily torn off; 4, after the car stickers are attached, to avoid artificial tearing.

Nine, hanging ornaments

Nowadays people are pursuing individuality, so the design of decorations will become personalized and humane. Some exquisite and beautiful accessories can make you involuntarily like it. The charm is almost impossible to resist. Some drivers hang people's heads for peace, and some drivers like to hang in a booming wind chime or Chinese knot. If you hang a wind chime, driving can add a lot of fun and enjoyment.

Choosing Cheats: Do not blindly follow the crowd when purchasing, relying solely on your interests and hobbies, focusing only on ornamental quality, and ignoring its practicality and safety. There are too many hanging objects in the car, affecting sightlines and causing rear-end collisions to occur frequently. If the decoration is attached to the back of the car, when the driver reverses, the back road cannot be seen from the back glass. The front hanging decoration swings back and forth during driving, which also affects the normal sight of the driver and brings the car to the extreme. Big security risks.

Ten, headrest, lumbar support

The headrest of the car can not only increase comfort but also protect the neck. It has gradually been taken seriously by the majority of owners. Common headrest fabrics are mostly high-grade silk, suede, or pure cotton materials, filled with fluffy cotton. The method of use is very simple. There are generally fixed elastic straps on the headrest and can be set directly on the seat to a suitable height. The lumbar support and its leaning on the car seat can give the occupants a good support of the waist, effectively relieve the feeling of fatigue when driving, and have the function of protecting the waist. Like the headrest, there are many options for the lumbar support on the market. Apart from the colors, patterns, and shapes, the lumbar support material is also differentiated by silk cotton or integral sponge.

Buy Cheats: Choose products that are flexible and feel comfortable when you buy. In addition, some poor quality headrests and lumbar support filled with black heart cotton, harmful to human health, consumers should pay more attention.