Analysis on Development Trend of Weighing Instrument Industry in China

Analysis on Development Trend of Weighing Instrument Industry in China

At present, the gap between the development of domestic scales and foreign countries is still relatively large. The most important task at present is to quickly catch up with the concept, technology, and management, advance with the times, meet challenges, and innovate.

To improve the manufacturing technology and manufacturing process level as a breakthrough point, it mainly solves the key technologies and processes in the scaled production of engineered products in electronic weighing devices, such as stereotyped design, production technology, quality assurance, and reliability assessment, so as to increase the batch production capacity and make China The national weighing industry has embarked on a track of healthy and sustainable development.

The overall development trend of electronic weighing instruments is miniaturization, modularization, integration, and intelligence; its technical performance tends to be high in speed, high in accuracy, high in stability, and high in reliability; its function tends to be control information of weighing and measurement. The "intelligent" function that emphasizes non-control information; its application performance tends to be comprehensive and combined.

1. Miniaturization: small size, low height, light weight, ie, small, thin, light 2. Modularization: For large or super large-scale carrier structures, new combinations and specifications are produced, resulting in new modularization and modularization. The split scale structure not only improves the versatility, interchangeability and reliability of the product, but also greatly improves the production efficiency and product quality. At the same time, it also reduced costs and enhanced the company's market competitiveness.

3. Integration: scale body and load cell, rail and load cell, rail scale body and railway line integration 4. Intelligent: Weighing display controller and electronic computer combination, use the intelligence of the computer to increase the weighing The functions of the display controller are based on the original functions, adding inference, judgment, self-diagnosis, self-adaptation, self-organization and other functions.

5. Comprehensiveness: Extending the field of new technology, infiltrating into the neighboring disciplines and industries, integrating various technologies to solve problems such as weighing and weighing, automatic control, and information processing, networking of electronic pricing scales and electronic computers, weighing systems and computer systems Form a complete integrated control system.

6.Composition: The measurement range can be arbitrarily set; the hardware can make certain adjustments according to certain working conditions and environment; the hardware function develops in the direction of the software; the software can be modified and extended according to a certain program; input and output data and instructions Different languages ​​and bar codes can be used and can communicate with external control and data processing equipment.