Case New Holland Chinese agricultural machinery dealers discuss the development of 2018

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] On December 14th, the 2018 Kais New Holland Industrial China Agricultural Machinery Dealer Conference was held in Zhuhai, a city with a theme of “Strategy, and is imperative”. More than 200 employees of agricultural machinery dealers and Case New Holland Industrial China gathered to summarize the work of this year and discuss the development plan for 2018.
Review and outlook, summary improvement
Mr. Li Kang, Director of Agricultural Machinery Business of Case New Holland Industrial China, introduced the work of Case New Holland Agricultural Machinery in 2017 to the participating dealers, and analyzed the challenges and new challenges that may be faced in the future from national policies and market trends. The development opportunity, Mr. Li Kang said: "Cass New Holland Industrial Group has long been committed to the development of China's agricultural machinery industry, and we will not stop with the growth and development of China's agricultural machinery industry."
Mr. Marco Gerbi, the brand director of Case, gave a detailed introduction to the brand positioning of the participating dealers. Case will bring the agricultural machinery solutions that meet the diverse needs of the users from the tractors, harvesters and agriculture, covering the entire process of harvesting and collecting. Need machinery, with a rich product line, to provide users with more choices.
Subsequently, the responsible persons of relevant departments introduced the policies of agricultural machinery support business, spare parts business and dealer development in 2017. The company will continue to fully support and optimize the dealer's business and improve. Dealer professional skills, to bring more satisfactory and professional services to users.
Amazing new products and upgrades, a more comprehensive solution
Mr. Mikkeli Monzio, Director of Market Products, Case New Holland Industrial China, introduced the new products and upgrades that will be expected to be launched in 2018, including tractors and harvesters. Numerous and reliable products will join the Case family, bringing more surprises and new experiences to the production operations of the users.
During the awarding session, we made unremitting efforts to create a trophy for the seven dealers, seven dealers, three Jiaxin dealers, two good accessory dealers and two good service distributors selected for the 2018 elite club. In recognition of their efforts during the year and their outstanding performance in different businesses.
Mr. Luca, President of Agriculture and Construction Machinery of Case New Holland Industrial China, delivered a concluding speech and expressed gratitude and appreciation to all distributors and various departments of the company for their hard work and achievements over the past year. He said: "The company will continue to sell, Enhance the company's comprehensive capabilities in terms of accessories and services, and actively develop new businesses in the market and seek new opportunities. As a brand with a history of 175 years, we will uphold the promise, not forget the original heart, and hope that the distributors will work closely with the company. Cooperation, squatting forward." (Original title: 2018 Case New Holland Industrial China Agricultural Machinery Distributor Conference)

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