Ceramic filter machine job duties

1. Under the direct leadership of the squad leader, complete the dehydration post operation of the ceramic Filter according to the operation rules, technical cards and various rules and regulations of this post.
2, to ensure the normal operation of the ceramic filter, ensure that the entire mineral processing plant production grinding and separation operations.
3. Strengthen the inspection of dewatering operations and reduce the water content of concentrates as much as possible.
4. Obey the equipment inspection system, check the operation and lubrication status of all parts of the equipment on time, find the problems in time, and fill in the records carefully.
5 Do a good job in the civilized production of this post, and put an end to the phenomenon of “run, run, drip, leak”.
6. Strictly abide by the various rules and regulations of the factory and conscientiously implement the handover system.

1. Different kinds of knife heads for different makes of combine harvesters, swather,lawn mower, like John Deere, New Holland, Claas,Case and MF.
2. According to different working condition, forged, machined and casting quality is available.
3. Ordered according to customers' requirements,based on the sample or drawing
4. Special mould development.
5. Popular models AH121075, AH89498, AZ50341, 059509P1 and so on.
6. Application:200-900 Comb.

Knife head & Ball Joint

Combine Harvester Knife Head, Knife Bar Head, Combine Knife Head, Combine Ball Joint

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