·Changan Ford Motor Co., Ltd. recalled some of the 2012 new Focus cars

Recently, Changan Ford Motor Co., Ltd. filed a recall plan with the AQSIQ according to the requirements of the Regulations on the Management of Defective Automobile Product Recall, and decided to recall from February 2, 2017 to 2014, from April 2, 2017. Some of the 2012 1.6L new Focus cars produced during the 20th of the month, a total of 8,784 vehicles.
The engine oil rails of this vehicle are not compatible with the higher concentration of methanol gasoline. The long-term use of this type of gasoline will cause methanol in the gasoline to penetrate into the oil rail welding area, causing the welding area to swell and, in extreme cases, the welding part. Fine cracks cause fuel leakage and pose a safety hazard. Changan Ford Motor Co., Ltd. will replace the engine fuel rails for vehicles within the recall range to eliminate safety hazards.
Changan Ford Motor Co., Ltd. will use its registered authorized Ford brand dealers to send a notice to the user by registered mail, telephone or SMS. The owner can make a defect identification test and parts replacement through the appointment to eliminate the safety hazard. If you have any questions, you can contact the nearest dealer directly or call the following free customer service hotline, 800-810-8168. Owners can also visit the AQSIQ Defective Product Management Center website () and the WeChat public account (AQSIQDPAC) for more information. In addition, you can also call the AQSIQ Defective Product Management Center hotline to reflect problems during the implementation of the recall or submit defects.

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