China's antimony deposit type

The types of antimony deposits in China are shown in Table 1 below:
Table 1 Types of antimony deposits in China
Deposit type
Surrounding rock type
The main metal minerals and gangue minerals
Layered strontium deposit
Deuterated limestone, limestone, carbonaceous shale
The main metallic minerals stibnite, antimony yellow flowers, pyrite, colemanite antimonate, antimony flowers, antimony, germanium stone. The gangue minerals are mainly quartz , followed by calcite , limestone , barite , gypsum , vermiculite, etc.
Tin mine
Vein-like strontium deposit
Limestone, light red slate
The main metal minerals are stibnite, natural gold, white tungsten , pyrite, natural sulfur and so on. Gangue minerals as quartz, calcite, barite, white mica, sericite, chlorite, apatite, feldspar
Woxi, Fuzhuxi, Banxi, Chashan Mine
Sedimentary reclaimed deposit (remaining or icy deposit "Red Dragonfly" deposit)
The main metal minerals are stibnite, strontium, fluorite , pyrite, and natural sulfur. The gangue mineral is mainly limestone, followed by kaolin , gypsum, etc.
Yanlong Mine, Yankuang Mine in the Youjiang River Basin, Guangxi

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