China Automobile Association: It is a foregone conclusion that the micro-market growth of the auto market in the next two years

The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers forecasted production and sales in the auto market in 2017. The company will lead the world for 29 consecutive years with a scale of 29 million vehicles. However, the mini-growth of the auto market in this year and next year is also a foregone conclusion.

According to data from the China Automobile Association, between January and November this year, the number of automobile production was 25,989,800 and sales were 25,844,900, an increase of 3.88% and 3.59% year-on-year. As a result of this trend, China National Automobile Co., Ltd. coordinated low growth of 5% in early 2017.


Xu Haidong, Assistant Secretary-General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, probably should be around 29 million (production and sales) vehicles for the whole year, with an increase of only 3.5%, and it should be slightly weaker than the growth rate in 2017 in 2018. Now we judge it to increase. The speed should be only about 3%.

China Automobile Association pointed out that in the future China's auto market will maintain a slight positive growth, the traditional car, commercial vehicle or will have negative growth, SUV, new energy vehicles will have greater growth. Under the background of the high quality development of China's economy, the automotive industry is no exception. Especially in first-tier and second-tier cities, the trend of consumption upgrade is obvious. Newly-purchased vehicles are concentrated in high-end products.

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