Do you know the right way to buy tanker cars?

When purchasing a tanker truck, it is similar to everybody else's purchase of other items. All of them need to be able to choose the right product according to their own requirements. Then, when choosing a tanker, the most important thing is to be able to buy a vehicle with good quality, practicality and benefits. Then there is a lot of demand for how to choose a tanker .

When purchasing tanker trucks, the first choice is to have a good position on the tonnage of their own needs. For example, it is often used in long-distance transport or in a gas station, where the demand for tonnage is relatively large. It is generally above 20 tons. However, the choice of vehicle tonnage still has to determine the choice of its chassis. For example, what is needed is a tanker truck with a capacity between 25 tons and 18 tons. Then the president used the Dongfeng Rear Shuangqiao tanker truck and Dongfeng three-axle shaft. Because its tonnage is relatively large, and the required transportation time will be relatively long. In addition to meeting the vehicle's own load-bearing requirements, it also has a great demand for driving experience, so the cab of the large-tonnage chassis, All of them are equipped with an air brake and direction assist. They can be equipped with air conditioners and other devices to ease long-term driving fatigue.

Then the engine of the tanker and its power also determine the whole power factor of the vehicle. The driver can also choose to use the Dongfeng Cummins Engine, Guangxi Yuchai, Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. etc. according to his driving habits. And so on, according to the manufacturers that they trust, to select the engine and power that suit their own needs. Making reasonable and appropriate choices is not only more convenient to use, but also better able to save costs.

Tank trucks can be used as independent sub-warehouses or can be divided into different chemical products and oil products depending on their functions. When designing, tanker trucks can be pumped out of the pump and pumped out. Table and pump configuration, etc. Tanker pumps are self-priming pumps, gear pumps, and oil meter double, single counting. You can choose according to your needs. In terms of price, because the requirements of the different households in each place are different, the volume of the tanks is not the same, the engines are not the same, the chassis and various accessories are not the same, etc., which can directly affect the price of tankers . . When purchasing a tanker, you should first communicate with the person who sells the company, and tell them about your requirements and use, so that you can recommend a suitable tanker for you.

Pullylon provides water bladder tanks which are widely used for central air-conditioning, boilers, water heaters, frequency conversion, constant pressure water supply and other . The design and the fabrication are ASME code. Pullylon is an ASME U certified manufacturer.

Pullylon engineers provide all phases help on the product, including initial engineering, layout design, fabrication and final testing. Every product is made by strict quality standard.


The Bladder Tank has the following fuction:

1.Regulate the expansion and contraction caused by the system water temperature shrinkage.

2.Make a point system pressure constant.

3.When the system is leaking there will be water into the system.

4.Discharge the gas dissolved in the water periodically.

5.The scope of application of the expansion tank:

  (1) t ≤ 120 ℃ hot water heating system adopted

  (2) t ≤ 130 ℃ hot water heating system

  (3) does not have a hot Water Storage Tank in domestic hot water supply system.

bladder tank (3)

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