Examine the new technology that appeared in the 2017 chromatographic market

[Chinese instrument network instrument research and development] With the continuous advancement of chromatographic technology, a variety of new types of chromatographic techniques are also emerging, these technologies have greatly promoted the development of the world's chromatography. In the past 2017, there have been many new chromatographic technologies. The following author will lead you to review together.

Shimadzu Develops Gas Chromatography Trace Moisture Measurement System
Shimadzu cooperated with Prof. Daniel W. Armstrong of the University of Texas at Arlington and Merck of Germany to develop a high-sensitivity trace moisture measurement system, which improved the analysis accuracy of PPM-level samples. The GC High Sensitivity Moisture Assay can be used for a variety of purposes. The co-developed system fully utilizes the fact that the instrument is not susceptible to impurities, and can be effectively used in the determination of residual trace moisture in LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).
Shimadzu's Nexis GC-2030 Gas Chromatograph is equipped with a world-class detector group for high-reliability and high-accuracy trace analysis. Its outstanding high sensitivity and reproducibility are conducive to the determination of trace moisture, greatly improving the accuracy of the analysis of the sample. In addition, this research can also be used for a variety of purposes and is expected to be used in many fields in the future. Apply it.
Agilent Launches New Liquid Products and Solutions
At the HPLC 2017 conference held in Prague from June 18th to 22nd 2017, Agilent introduced the new InfinityLab liquid purification solution. The new solution consists of 11 modules plus accessories and software to enable the laboratory to Custom purification systems to meet their needs. From a simple, routine purification task, to a very cost-effective system, to a fully automated solution for high-throughput purification laboratories.
For a long time, Agilent has been committed to the development of laboratory instruments and solutions. Many scientific research institutes and universities' laboratories have introduced Agilent instrument products and benefited from it. This time, Agilent launched a series of new products and solutions that have confirmed the performance, functionality, and budget requirements of the global LC labs, covering a wide range of areas and supporting the needs of various laboratories.
Nano Micro Technology Co., Ltd. Breaks Foreign Monopoly on High Performance Chromatography Filler
Chromatographic packing is a key material for the separation and purification of biopharmaceuticals. It is related to the purity and quality of drugs. China's chromatographic packing has long been dependent on imports. Nami Micro Technology Co., Ltd. has overcome the monopoly silica gel chromatography packing laboratory preparation technology through years of research and development, and achieved high performance chromatographic packing, breaking the European and American technical monopoly on China.
If the column is the heart of the chromatographic system, the development of chromatographic packing in the column is one of the key technologies for chromatography. Previously, our country has long depended on foreign imports in the field of chromatographic packing. There is no domestic equipment and technology that can be independently produced. Chromatographic development has been subject to certain restrictions. With the birth of the 20-ton production line of Nano Micro Technology Co., Ltd., China has also broken the monopoly of high-performance chromatographic packings in foreign countries, driving the nano-industry in the Suzhou Industrial Park and also changing the pattern of China's chromatography industry.
The unique detection advantages make chromatography widely used in different fields. Following the advancement of international analytical chemistry technology, the development of high performance liquid chromatography is also continuing. We also hope that more new technologies will emerge in the field of chromatography. Let chromatography technology play a greater role in human production and life.
(Original title: [Inventory] New Technology Appeared in the 2017 Chromatography Market)

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