High pressure blower impeller does not rotate Cause

What are the reasons why the high pressure blower impeller does not rotate? How to solve it?
There are many reasons why the vortex pump does not rotate.
1, is not connected to power - this is the simplest but there may be issues, as long as the power can be
2, the motor does not work - there are two problems, one is the wrong motor wiring, need to check the wiring, or the motor is broken, if the motor is broken, you need to repair or replace
3, pump head damage - repair the pump or replace
4, foreign objects in the pump stuck - remove foreign matter debris will be solved!
The above is the common reason why the impeller does not rotate. If the problem is not resolved, you can call our company for consultation!

The rockfall barriers and fences are composed of high strength wire grid mesh, the anchor, I-steel column, the drop-down anchor rope, the ring of energy dissipation, and the base of support rope from top to bottom, and other components.

Rockfall protective fences protect the formation of the regional slope, and prevent the collapse of the rock fall.

Steel rope consisted rockfall barriers defense system is flexible to intercept and strong enough to absorb and spread the rock, and energy dissipation of the ring net help the system's ability to further improve the impact resistance .

Rockfall protective Fence for the energy from 250kj to 3000kj, and has been able to 5000kj up to a higher level of special protection.

Rockfall protective fence of the steel rope mesh is considered easy to install, also use declined the amount of the bolt and excavation to achieve the most rapid and easy installation of construction. All components of the system according to the standardized production, are installed on the construction site to the number of bolts. The installations mainly adopt like building block, so the installation personnels need only a small amount of conventional equipments, who can easily maintain and replace parts of the system..

Rock Barrier Fence

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