How the anti-theft alarm system works

The anti-theft alarm system uses a physical method or an electronic technology to automatically detect an intrusion behavior occurring in the arming monitoring area, generate an alarm signal, and prompt the area where the on-duty personnel have an alarm, and display a system that may take countermeasures. The burglar alarm system is an important facility to prevent accidents such as burglary and theft. In the event of an emergency, the location of the incident can be accurately displayed in the security control center through the sound and light alarm signal, so that emergency measures can be taken quickly. The anti-theft alarm system, together with the entrance and exit control system, the closed-circuit television monitoring system, the visitor intercom system and the electronic patrol system, constitute a security system.
How the anti-theft alarm system works
The burglar alarm system usually consists of three parts: detector (also called alarm), transmission channel and alarm controller.
The alarm detector is composed of sensors and signal processing. The device consisting of electronic and mechanical components for detecting intruder intrusion is the key to the anti-theft alarm system, and the sensor is the core component of the alarm detector. Sensors with different principles can be used to construct alarm detection devices of different types, different purposes and different detection purposes.
(1) The alarm detector can be mainly divided into infrared alarm detector, microwave alarm detector, passive infrared/microwave alarm detector, glass broken alarm detector, vibration alarm detector, ultrasonic alarm detector and laser alarm detection according to the working principle. , magnetic control switch alarm detector, switch alarm detector, video motion detection alarm, sound detector and many other types.
(2) Alarm detectors can be divided into active alarm detectors and passive alarm detectors according to the working mode.
(3) The alarm detector can be divided into point control alarm detector, line control alarm detector, surface control alarm detector and space protection alarm detector according to different detection ranges.
In addition to the above distinctions, there are other ways of dividing. In practical applications, depending on the usage, it is reasonable to select different types of alarm detectors to meet different security requirements.
The alarm detector is used as a sensing detection device to detect intruder's intrusion behavior and various abnormal conditions. There are many places where security is required in a variety of smart buildings and ordinary buildings. These locations also have a variety of safety precautions and requirements depending on the actual situation. Therefore, a variety of alarm detectors are needed to meet different safety precautions.
According to the actual site environment and the user's safety precautions, reasonable selection and installation of various alarm detectors can better achieve the purpose of safety precautions. When the selection and installation of the alarm detector is not suitable, there may be a loophole for security precautions, failing to achieve the rigor of security precautions, causing the intruder to take advantage of the opportunity, thus bringing undue losses to the security precautions.

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