How to deal with the electromagnetic flowmeter signal is too weak

Electromagnetic flowmeters are excellent products, fine products, and high-end products in flow meters. The electromagnetic flowmeter, which has become increasingly sophisticated in technology, has excellent performance and is free from the effects of changes in fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and electrical conductivity, and wear resistance. Electromagnetic flowmeters have become industrially Popular flow meter.

After the electromagnetic flowmeter is selected, shipped, and installed, the electromagnetic flowmeter can operate normally without maintenance for a long time. Of course, the electromagnetic flowmeter also needs maintenance and daily inspection. During use of the electromagnetic flowmeter, there may be problems such as no signal being received or the signal being too weak. But even if it does happen, it shouldn't surprise you. You can solve the problem with the following steps.

1. First make sure that the pipe is full of fluid. Electromagnetic flowmeters must use full tube measurements. Full tube measurements can ensure signal preparation and stability.

2. If the pipe is too close to the wall, the probe can be installed on the diameter of the pipe with an inclination angle, instead of installing it on the diameter of the horizontal pipe, Z method should be used to install the probe

3. Carefully select the dense part of the pipe and polish it thoroughly, apply a sufficient amount of chelating agent to install the probe;

4. Carefully move each probe near the mounting point to find the maximum signal point to prevent the installation of the strong signal because the inner wall of the pipe is fouled or the ultrasonic beam reflects out of the expected area due to local deformation of the pipe. point;

5. The metal pipe with serious fouling of the inner wall can be used to make the fouling part fall off or crack, but it should be noted that this method sometimes does not help ultrasonic transmission because of the gap between the scale and the inner wall.

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