Is it hot dog? The best way to learn about sun protection and heat protection in summer

At the peak of the middle school years of the car ride, summer vacations have brought many college students and senior high school students to take their licenses for the next few months. Driving is not a goal. Getting a driver's license is the ultimate goal. Is it really okay to learn the car in summer? It is hot again and again. It is estimated that even the best skin cannot stand the burning sun. Once the white Fu Mei, once the rich handsome, after such a toss no longer return to the past scenery. Sad, tears, swollen what to do? Mo panic hurry, a good way Xiao Bian has been prepared for you Xiaozhu.


1, drink water, drink water, drink water.

In the summer, the car learns to sweat more, the body is extremely deficient in water, and it is easy to cause heat stroke. It is necessary to add water in time.

2, prepare heatstroke medicine

Like Rendan, Fengyoujing, and mung bean soup, we recommend that you prepare some more to prevent heat stroke from refreshing, and those who are easily bitten by mosquitoes should remember to paint six gods.

3, sooner or later, easy to learn cars

Try to arrange a school bus from 7:00am to 11:30am or 17:30am to 21:00pm. Learn to use the lights in the evening to learn the car, and easily face the light simulation test later.

4, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen

To prevent UV sunburn, apply several sunscreens to your arms, legs, and neck.

5, pay attention to rest

If you feel uncomfortable during the training process, do not braced. You should immediately tell the coach to rest in a cool place. Do not insist on learning the car, so not only can not learn the car, but also cause harm to the body.

6, boiled water is more hot than drinks

Drink plenty of natural mineral water, the body feels tired because of the increase of acidic substances in the body, drinks such artificial water is acidic, so the effect of drinking is nothing.

7, clothes should be loose and comfortable

The clothes should be loose and sweat-absorbent, and women should not be too exposed. Too tight clothes are not conducive to breathing and are not conducive to perspiration. Shoes are best sports shoes, slippers are forbidden, high-heeled shoes to learn the car.

8, pay attention to the summer diet

Do not drink cold drinks before school in summer, do not eat ice watermelon, do not go to food stalls, etc., otherwise it is easy to cause acute digestive diseases. Must pay attention to diet, eat more light food.

In the end, Xiao Bian still reminds everyone to learn to study the car instead of sitting in the coach. The free time can stand under the shade of the trees. The air circulation will not be hot and salty. Every day to ensure adequate sleep, girls do not wear skirts, slippers, which is not conducive to driving. If you hold the steering wheel for a long time, your palms can easily sweat. Always wash your hands. It is so easy to learn the car before summer and learn enough to prepare for it.

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