LED lighting design needs to lock consumers' eyes

China's lighting design development has only been more than 20 years. Compared with developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, the industry base is relatively weak. However, in recent years, with the successful hosting of the world-renowned international conferences such as the Olympic Games, the Asian Games, and the World Expo, as well as the rapid development of China's real estate industry and urbanization, the lighting design industry has quickly become familiar. From neglecting lighting design to over-illumination design, it took only a decade.
How LED Lighting Design Attracts Consumers Because the domestic lighting design industry is in the early stage of development, many university graduates have invested in this new industry, which brings fresh blood and sufficient manpower, but there is no lighting design in China. The lighting designers of the School of Optoelectronics are also very small. More lighting designers are transforming from fine arts and architecture to lighting design.
According to industry insiders, he has also been exposed to some new graduates. Although these new forces have their own unique design concepts and artistic background, their lack of professionalism and in-depth understanding of the industry have led to their lighting design. Too much pursuit of artistic effects, while ignoring practical issues. Some newcomers, in order to achieve visual effects, enhance brightness, blindly use lights to build up, resulting in a lot of power waste; there are some designs, the use of high-pressure spotlights, not only increase costs, waste of electricity, but also cause local temperature rise High, it poses a safety hazard, and may even cause light pollution to affect people's health. Lighting design is an art, but it is a science. Art seeks beauty, science seeks truth, lighting design not only requires brightness, color temperature, primary and secondary, melody beauty, but also must be compatible with illumination, electrical, control, energy saving. Without a professional design, it is easy to get rid of the end, and thus excessive.
The main battlefield of Led Lighting, the shopping plaza is in the commercial prosperous area of ​​the city, but it is by no means brighter and better, and the better the lighting design, the comprehensive consideration should be considered. Then, how can the shopping plaza after the night stand out in many buildings and attract the attention of consumers? How do designers create fascinating and unique outdoor floor lighting for the shopping plaza?
The characteristics of the building in the commercial area are relatively prominent, mainly reflected in: diversified functions and integration; better geographical location and relatively large volume; complex traffic lines and various forms. Therefore, as a standard commercial building, the shopping plaza has a more attention to commercial lighting. In addition to beautifying and lighting according to the structural characteristics of the building itself, the lighting methods and means can be varied, and appropriate dynamic lighting is used. And the colored light will highlight the warm atmosphere. The performance of the night scene is very free, and the pursuit of flowers and brilliance, reflecting the prosperity and prosperity of the scene. To create a strong business atmosphere. The way of expression and performance should be diverse and non-binding, and it can also be highly irritating. However, excessive lighting can affect the surrounding houses and cause light pollution.
In addition, the landscape lighting design of the shopping plaza should be considered from multiple aspects. From the perspective of the owner, the design must be creative, attracting people and increasing the commercial atmosphere, so that the area can be upgraded by the light. From the perspective of lighting design, the commercial plaza is usually crowded. There are many factors to consider in the place, the guiding of the flow of people, the safety of pedestrians, the control of illuminance standards, the control of glare, the combination of color temperature and color, the balance of lighting effects and energy consumption, and so on. Commercial landscape lighting should be high in brightness and rich in color, which is actually a misunderstanding. Practice has proved that too much brilliant color and dynamic and intense lighting form will bring uncomfortable visual experience. The use of color needs to be properly applied according to the actual situation, combined with architectural features, pedestrian flow, surrounding environment and other factors in the lighting mode. Give the best solution with color application.
Shopping Plaza lighting features positioning today's society, commercial streets all over the place, has become a city's business culture business card, then the positioning and image of the commercial street is particularly important. Of course, the positioning of every city and street is not imagined by the air. It is a certain investigation, research and analysis to obtain an accurate, clear and unique style. In the lighting design of commercial streets, what should be paid attention to, how to use lighting to reflect its commercial characteristics and cultural connotations?
Commercial Pedestrian Street is a commercial scenic street, cultural street and leisure street integrating shopping, food, entertainment, leisure and culture. As a commercial concentration area of ​​the city, it brings together a certain number of shops and markets, enabling people to enjoy leisure and entertainment in walking shopping. For such a crowded area, night lighting is related to all aspects. In addition to satisfying the most basic lighting functions, the lighting arrangement of the pedestrian street should also reflect the unique styles, or literary or petty bourgeois, or simple or enchanting, or bright or dim, which is unique to the neighborhood of the city. Create a dazzling city card.
Clear and accurate positioning, in order to get twice the result with half the effort, the most important thing in the design of night lighting for commercial pedestrian street is to have a clear style positioning. In fact, this also applies to any design. Ding Yungao, general manager of Huari Lighting, pointed out this point. Only the positioning is accurate and clear, and the latter things are naturally more effective. Shanghai was a colony in the early days, so its pedestrian street reflects a certain European culture. Now it is more like a cosmopolitan city, and it is more integrated into fashion. Beijing is the capital of China, and its pedestrian street is full of traditional Chinese culture. The charm, the reason for the old Beijing, perhaps because it contains the culture that has settled for many years.
Of course, the positioning of every city and street is not imagined by the air. It is an accurate, clear and unique style that has been obtained through certain investigations, research and analysis.
Incorporating with the surrounding, and complementing each other, the designer can use the most appropriate lighting scheme to create the unique style of the pedestrian street and set its own cultural atmosphere according to the positioning of the positioning and other details. . To highlight the unique temperament of the city, it is impossible to cover the characteristics of the surrounding buildings, otherwise it will be separated from the reality and change the original appearance of the city.
No matter how good the script is, without the cooperation of the actors, the effect is still not good; in other words, the good-looking building, at night, if there is no lighting, the effect is not obvious. People rely on clothes and horses to lean on the saddle. The pedestrian streets and buildings in the evening have to rely on the light to make them stand in harmony and harmony, creating an atmosphere that complements each other.
Perhaps the biggest difference between design and art is that it has to consider more practical factors and consider putting it into practice. Lighting design is first and foremost practical, and then beautiful. In addition to meeting Party A's requirements for lighting effects, lighting designers must continue to guide the owners with professional aesthetics and reasonable performance. The commercial pedestrian street night lighting is also the same, not the more dazzling the better. With the development of the economy, the commercial street has a richer form of expression. According to the different positioning and group needs of the commercial street, its night lighting will also focus more on reflecting its different cultures and connotations.
To avoid over-illumination, the suitability of design is the key to the stable development of China's lighting design from the early blind development period. The current lighting design emphasizes energy efficiency and environmental protection. The "Architectural Lighting Design Standards" clearly stipulates the unit power density of space lighting. If the lighting load per square meter exceeds the corresponding illuminance specified in the regulations in the design plan, the energy consumption of this design case will exceed the standard and will not pass. . In this regard, lighting designers need to apply the principle of appropriateness, the most reasonable design, to achieve the required standards by selecting lighting equipment with higher luminous efficiency, or changing the lighting method.
The suitability of lighting design may be interfered by customers in the implementation, but as a professional lighting designer, it is necessary to adhere to the professional concept and assume the responsibility of guiding the market to mature development. For example, the landscape lighting in some remote suburbs does not need to be so bright, but the local leaders will ask for highlighting; in the brighter environment of the downtown commercial street, there will be a law of comparison. If you blindly meet the needs of customers, it will cause huge waste of funds and energy due to excessive lighting. From the perspective of the benign development of the entire industry, it is very meaningful for designers to adhere to the energy-efficient road of lighting and adhere to the principle of suitability. Try to use the least number of lights to express the most perfect effect. When choosing a lighting product, you should choose the most suitable one according to your needs. Grasping the suitability, we can ensure that the lighting design meets the green environmental protection standards, avoiding excessive, not only achieving energy efficiency in terms of energy efficiency, but also avoiding light pollution to the human body.