LED lighting industry will increase independent innovation capability

With the increasing awareness of resources, people are paying more and more attention to the rational use of resources. Considering the issue of energy conservation is already a global hot topic. Global lighting accounts for about 19% of electricity consumption, which translates into electricity consumption of up to 2651 TWh. If energy-saving lamps can be used, energy savings can be maximized. LED lighting has obvious advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, and the future prospects are good. LEDs have developed smoothly in China, and various factories such as driving and light sources have springed up. At present, there is no light source that can replace LED. The next generation of energy-saving lamps may be LED instead. Now LED light source development has been stable and the future will be better and better. In China's LED lighting industry policy environment continues to improve, the industry scale continues to grow, LED lighting industry to increase independent innovation capabilities, application areas continue to open up. In the two years of 2014 and 2015, while the process is maturing, the productivity efficiency will gradually increase, and the price of LED products will be greatly reduced. LED power will slowly mature, and its problems will be solved after its design, process and quality, application, and its price will go down. In the past few years, due to the difficulty of controlling costs, promotion has faced problems. The development of LED lighting is an inevitable trend, which is an inevitable trend in terms of energy saving and other aspects. The current market for LED lighting is very broad. As far as several quarters are concerned, the performance of the LED industry is still increasing. Stable growth will continue in the next five years.