Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the eighth batch of new energy vehicles catalog shocked pure electric heavy truck

On June 16, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the eighth batch of “New Energy Vehicle Model Catalogue for Exemption from Vehicle Purchase Taxes”, involving 414 models of new energy vehicles. Among them, 268 buses are used for 186 models of pure electric buses and 82 plug-in hybrid buses; 103 models for pure electric vehicles, and 3 models of pure electric trucks and 1 pure electric tractor; the remaining 39 models are new Energy passenger car. The number and proportion of selected new energy commercial vehicle segment models

In this catalogue, there are 375 new energy commercial vehicle models, accounting for 90.58% of the total. Among these new energy commercial vehicles, the highest proportion is pure electric passenger vehicles, reaching 49.6%, about half of the country; followed by pure electric vehicles (including vans, garbage trucks, vans, refrigerated trucks, trucks, postal services). Cars, etc.) accounted for 27.47%; pure electric trucks and pure electric tractors accounted for 0.8% and 0.27%, respectively, and the number of models was 3 and 1 respectively.

In terms of pure electric vehicles, although the number of models is not the largest, the number of companies involved is the largest, reaching 33, of which Dongfeng Motor has the largest number of models for pure electric vehicles, reaching 12 models. Followed by Zhongtong Bus, the number of pure electric special-purpose vehicles is 10, and the number of pure-electric special-purpose vehicles of other companies is below 10 models.

From the perspective of subdivision models, the ever-popular pure electric vans still account for the bulk of the total number of 66 models with a share of 64.08%. The three pure electric trucks in this list are distributed in three different companies, including BYD pure electric slat truck, Shandong Kama pure electric truck and Shenyang Jinbei pure electric truck.

In addition, Xiao Bian also noted that in the eighth batch of vehicle-free vehicle purchase tax models, there are 1 pure electric tractors, model number is CGC4250BEV1GCG2, and the manufacturer is Chengdu Dayun Automobile Group Co., Ltd.

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