NVC's home business target exceeds Philips Op Lighting

On January 11, 2016, Zhongshan NVC Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. held its 2015 annual meeting. The purpose of this activity is to comprehensively summarize the 2015 business operations and clarify the 2016 business ideas and plans in order to achieve the goal of commending advanced, encouraging morale, clear goals and implementing measures. Wang Donglei: NVC's home business goal is to surpass Philips home and catch up with Op Home. Wang Donglei, chairman of NVC, said that the current macroeconomic situation is grim, the global economic recovery is weak, and the economy is L-shaped. It may still be at a low level in 2017/2018. The colder the winter, the more strategic opportunities to fight against the opponent and win the market. Faced with an unprecedented winter, international lighting giants have withdrawn from the general lighting market, and mergers and acquisitions in the industry have intensified. However, in 2015, NVC in Zhongshan achieved sales of 860 million yuan, a 32% increase against the trend. In 2016, NVC was targeted at 1.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 40%. NVC's home business target exceeds Philips/Opp Lighting. Next, we will fully support the big home business, fight against the opponents, and win market strategic opportunities: 1. NVC home business has huge room for growth, home business, business photo business Both hands must be hard; 2. Increase the construction of home sales network, speed up the opening of stores, integrate product and supplier resources, and establish an omni-channel home marketing system through O2O means to ensure that the home business grows by more than 40% or 1.2 billion yuan; The headquarters will increase the design of household products and strengthen the quality guidance for household products; in the organizational structure, Zhuhai Home will be integrated into Zhongshan Home to integrate the Group's resources. Within three years, NVC's home business goal is to surpass Philips home, catch up with Op Home, and strive to be China's first lighting industry. Market difficulties are undoubtedly an opportunity for NVC. This is an opportunity to meet the market and we will continue to seize market share. We will do our best to strengthen and strengthen the NVC home business and establish an omni-channel home department. We are selling quality, selling brands, selling designs, selling feelings, so we must have requirements for suppliers: 1. Improve design capabilities; 2. Improve quality assurance capabilities; 3. Improve fast delivery capabilities. In the future, we will launch products that make people scream. For NVC, the design is hope, the cost is the requirement, and the quality is the bottom line of NVC. The history of Chinese lighting, the development of enterprises and quality are closely related. All suppliers and service providers must be strictly guaranteed. Only in this way can we satisfy consumers and continue to grow. He Shengqiang, member of the Guzhen Town Party Committee: NVC Lighting exerts its influence in the industry and promotes the development of the lighting industry in Guzhen. He Shengqiang, member of the Guzhen Town Party Committee, said in his speech that the industrial development of Guzhen is inseparable from the efforts of enterprises, especially the leading enterprises in the industry. NVC Lighting Co., Ltd. is a professional furniture lighting company integrating design, production and sales. It has strong competitiveness in lighting throughout the country and is one of the leaders in the lighting industry. I hope that NVC Lighting can use this as a starting point to continue. Give play to the influence of the industry, continuously strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Guzhen Town, achieve strong alliance, and make due contributions to further promote the development of Guzhen lighting industry. Zeng Xianjin, Vice President of NVC: The completion of the new NVC with the mission of home lighting. Zeng Xianjin, vice president of NVC, pointed out that the mission of NVC is home lighting, the wing of the new NVC. Our goal is to increase 40% or 1.2 billion yuan. We will allocate resources closely around the target. We will not only stick to the status quo, but we believe that the method is always more difficult. 2. We need to take the initiative and do a good job in three trade fairs. New product release, usually take the initiative to obtain orders, so as to improve the normalized orders; 3. First of all, there must be standardized, streamlined teamwork, need to establish a model, copy the realization of the volume and quality of the double breakthrough, but also around the market demand, from production R&D and sales all guarantee the entire group system. The overall idea of ​​the overall market in 2016 is a map, a main line, and a layered breakthrough. A map is that we want to build a network map, we have to do network management: rational layout, intensive cultivation, planning and scientific advancement; stores must also improve competitiveness, to achieve standardization, process, and stimulate personnel competitiveness The right is that everyone grabs the order, who contributes who benefits. We must optimize the channels, create the first competitiveness of the store, constantly upgrade the products, build the champion products, enhance the competitiveness of the products through the promotion of the explosion of eyeballs, we will also promote the diversified market, promote the terminal transaction rate, 8,000 promotion activities. Power channel marketing will bring about 2-3 billion sales increments, but also increase terminal investment and drive sales growth. The new system, new products, and new models will surely create new glory. Zhongshan Lishi General Manager Li Guanyu: User-oriented low customer complaint rate Zhongshan NVC general manager Li Guanyu summed up the work in 2015, Zhongshan NVC Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. 2015 year-end sales data is 8.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 32%, the results mainly from the joint efforts of 54 suppliers in Zhongshan City. This year's e-commerce revenue has grown by leaps and bounds, which has basically increased from 20 million in 2014 to 140 million in 2015, accounting for 1/8 of the total sales. According to incomplete statistics, there are 4,036 new products in the year, 115 new patents, including 98 independent utility model (technical) patents, more than 400 cumulative appearance patents, 98% quality pass rate, and point-to-point docking after-sales service. The number of services has increased to 1,500, service has increased by 40%, and customer complaints have been 0.1%. In 2016, the annual sales target of NVC is 1.2 billion. We will be market-oriented and strive to achieve 100% independent research and development, so that the patent application products will reach 40%, the customer complaint rate will drop to 0.05%, and the after-sales service will strive for the point. Do 100%. In the upcoming 2016, Zhongshan NVC will resolutely implement the various regulations of the headquarters, accomplish the target tasks, together with the user-oriented, create value for the users, strive for the future, and lead the future with innovation.

Electric  grab Bridge Crane is mainly comprised of box-shaped bridge, grab crab (Grab Bucket), trolley travelling mechanism, cab and electric control system. The load handing device is the grab which is able to capture bulk materials.

The grab cab has switching mechanism and lifting mechanism. The grabs are separately hung over the switching mechanism and lifting mechanism with four steel wire ropes. The switching mechanism drives the grab to close to grab material. When the grab is closed, the lifting mechanism shall be started immediately to hoist the four evenly loaded steel wire ropes. Discharging only needs to start the switching mechanism, which opens the grab to pour materials.

Except the lifting mechanism, the Overhead Crane is basically the same as the bridge crane with hook.

overhead Grab Crane

Bridge crane with grab bucket

overhead Grab Crane


Lifting weight





working class












Max. Lifting height
















travelling of grab








hang beam

travelling of trolley









turn round







Max. wheel pressure







Total power







steel track recommended



power source

3 phase A.C  380v 50Hz

Different grab bucket is available

overhead Grab Crane

Grab Crane

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