ofo Innovative Big Data Positioning Technology Non-smart locks for more precise positioning

On March 31, the creator of the sharing bike and the rider ofo Little Bobcat announced the opening of the positioning function on the App side. For the first time, the big data pattern recognition algorithm was applied to the positioning function. This is the first initiative to share the use of big data algorithms in the cycling industry and to promote hardware innovation with technological innovations. At the same time, it also marks the new era of sharing the delicate operation of the bicycle industry.

It is reported that, Ios system and Android system users will ofo App updated to version 1.8.7 and above, you can see the location of the yellow bike marking the buoy. Click the buoy, the screen can display navigation trails, vehicle distance and walking time and other information to help users quickly find the bike. This time, OFO combines big data algorithms with shared cycling, no doubt finding the optimal solution for user experience and marketplace operations. According to industry experts test, the technology positioning accuracy up to 98%.

This time, OFO introduced the big data algorithm based on the user's riding track, integrated altitude, latitude and longitude, speed and other information, automatically locate the user lock the location. In the future, OFO will also introduce Google's AI algorithm TensorFlow to further improve vehicle positioning accuracy.

As a shared bike owner and rider, OFO is committed to leading the industry in technological innovation. January 16, OFO formally released the first generation of smart lock with variable password, second lock and 2 years of free charging, and has been massively tested and put into production. On February 21, OFO announced its cooperation with China Telecom and Huawei to jointly develop a smart lock based on the Internet of Things NB-loT technology and commence production volume in the second half of the year. The future, ofo to enhance the user experience, will also speed up the replacement of smart locks. It is reported that ofo orders has more than 10 million, becoming China's fourth daily order amount of over 10 million Internet platform.

David Dewey, founder and CEO of ofo, said 70% of the world's five billion people ride bicycles, but hundreds of millions or even billions of bicycles worldwide

Butt Weld Tee

     Why is it called butt weld tee? Because there are three outlets. All the outside diameters are same, it should be equal tee. For those tee fittings whose run pipes are larger than branch pipe, it is 

 reducing tee. In addition, there are Split Teebarred tee, and lateral tee 45degree. 

 Butt weld tee  

Specifications for butt weld tee:

1. Size:1/2``-24``(Seamless Pipe fittings) 26``-96``

2. Wall thickness:SCH5-XXS

3. Material:carbon steel A234 WPB, alloy steel, stainless steel

4. Standard:ASME B16.9, ASME B16.25, MSS SP75, EN10253 etc.

 ANSI B16.9 pipe tee 

    If customer have special requirements on sizes of each part, these fittings shall be customized.Butt weld tees are widely in used many fields, like architecture, electric power, petroleum,chemical industry etc.




Butt Weld Tee

Split Tee,Side Outlet Tee,Galvanized Pipe Tee,Lateral Tee 45 Degree

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