·Overseas into a place to compete, Dongfeng Commercial will launch a new car

In recent years, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles has made great progress in the development of overseas markets. Under the premise of consolidating the domestic market, overseas markets have naturally become a battleground for major domestic auto companies; in order to continuously develop overseas business, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles At the recent Beijing Auto Show, two overseas models were launched, which shows that they attach importance to the export market.

● Pushing two export cars Dongfeng Commercial to force overseas
At the recent Beijing Auto Show, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle first launched the 4X2 Dongfeng Tianlong Ultimate Edition. According to the introduction, the car is aimed at Iran and other Middle East regions, matching the Cummins ISZ480 51 engine, Dongfeng DT1425 14-speed manual transmission, 640L+ The 450L dual fuel tank meets the needs of the Middle East for long distance transportation.
Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles chose to display the overseas Tianlong Ultimate Edition at the Beijing Auto Show, which has the most influential influence in China. It can attract more overseas users' attention. From this point, it can be seen that it attaches importance to the export market; 4X2 Dongfeng Tianlong Ultimate Edition is short Time will not appear in China, mainly because the domestic logistics and transportation market is more inclined to the 6X4 Tianlong flagship model, and the price of the 4X2 flagship export to overseas markets will rise to a higher level.
Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle is not only optimistic about the Middle East market. The Southeast Asian market is also an important part of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle's overseas layout. The Dongfeng Tianlong of this right-hand steering wheel is aimed at the Southeast Asian market. It is equipped with Dongfeng DDi75S292-40 engine with a maximum torque of 1200N·m. The gearbox is 9JS135 DD with a maximum speed of 98km/h.
At present, 90% of the country's vehicles use the left-hand steering wheel on the right side. Only the UK and the countries that have previously been colonized by the British have continued the left-hand steering wheel form, while the Dongfeng commercial vehicle's right-hand steering Tianlong It is designed for the countries in the right-hand direction of Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, etc. in Southeast Asia, with the aim of further opening up the Southeast Asian market.
● Develop overseas non-good bones in the long run
Mr. Huang Gang, general manager of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles, said that the development of foreign markets is a strategic policy that Dongfeng has always set. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles attaches great importance to the development of overseas markets. According to the data, overseas sales in 2015 increased by 12.8% year-on-year, and Dongfeng in 2016. Commercial vehicles are one of the important strategies for overseas markets; Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles has established cooperative relationships with Pakistan, Malaysia, Russia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Qatar, and Algeria.
In order to expand overseas strength, domestic major commercial vehicle companies have developed corresponding vehicle products according to the specific needs of foreign markets under the premise of ensuring the domestic market; the increase in domestic export to overseas commercial vehicle models has promoted the development of the entire industry. The role of truly bringing Chinese-made products to foreign markets, so that more countries recognize China's manufacturing, has far-reaching significance.
First of all, we have to admit that the overseas market business is not a good bone. To truly enhance the competitiveness of commercial vehicles in overseas markets, it is not a short-term implementation that requires long-term planning to complete; The overseas business of the car is in a good development stage. Strengthening the promotion of Dongfeng brand overseas and improving the after-sales service system in foreign markets are indispensable for the continuous development of overseas business.
● Compilation:
Dongfeng commercial vehicles have already made great progress in overseas markets such as the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The increase of models for foreign markets will become a stepping stone to further open the market. In the long run, the business of opening up overseas markets is not only the enterprise itself. The expansion of business is also one of the ways to let the world know about Chinese manufacturing.

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