Precision Machined Parts CNC Milling Parts

Model NO.: Michinery-1
Lead Time: 15 Workdays
Main Process: CNC/Milling/Grinding
QC: 100% Inspection
Tolerance: =/-0.002
Trademark: FHS or as customer′s instruction
Transport Package: Bubble Bags+Carton
Specification: customized
Origin: China
HS Code: 8479909090
Cnc Turning Parts Customized Shaft Precision Machining CNC milling 16MnCr5 S45C 1.2379 HSS ASP23 Turning Machined

Professional CNC machining / milling / turning /WEDM /grinding /wire cutting/ heat treatment process

Product Scope: 
Mold parts, medical instruments/devices, aerospace industry, 
Automation equipment parts, robot, 
Telecom accessories, heat transfer, 
Automobile spare parts, motorbike accessories, 
Tube, shaft, and other custom machinery spare parts hardware
Electric torch & electric cigarette work fixture, 
Cell phone shell, 3C accessories, lighter / lock accessories, 

Mobile: +86 181 1263 1043

Company view Video:

Precision Machined Parts CNC Milling Parts
We are sincere for our client all over the world, providing service for sourcing products as their requirements, optimizing their purchasing solutions, co-researching with them for better products. 

Custom design accpetted in FHS. 

Product Detail 
Material Aluminum / Brass / Bronze / Stainless steel / HSS / POM / Acrylic / Nylon / ABS
Process CNC machining / milling / drilling / grinding / turning
Tolerance +/-0.002mm
Size Max 500*300*150mm
Surface Treatment Anodizing / Sand blasting / Polish / Heat Treatment / Black Oxidation / Tin/ Nickel Platting / Chromium Platting / Zinc Platting
Package Bubble bags+carton or as customer's instruction
QC 100% inspecation before shipment
Application Automation / Mould / Michinery / Fixture
Certificate ISO9001+ISO14001
Remark All machining parts are customized according to customer's drawings. 

Workshop Overview
Precision Machined Parts CNC Milling Parts

FHS production Equipment List 
Machine name Quantity (mm) Manufac. Range (mm) Resolution
CNC Machining Center 1 1800*900*900 <0.02
CNC Machining Center 22 800*500*500 <0.01
CNC Machining Center 3 1300*700*700 0.01
CNC Machining Center 7 800*450 0.001
CNC High Speed Lathe 5 700*600*500 <0.005
WEDM-LS 6 600*400*350 0.003
WEDM-MS 8 450*550 0.0200
EDM 2 450*350*350 0.02
EDM 2 450*400 0.0020
CNC Lathe 2 Φ500×750 0.001
CNC Lathe 4 Φ820*660 0.005
Engine Lathe 2 Φ500×2000 0.02
Milling Machine 17 400*1200 0.0200
Cylindrical Grinder 2 Φ320×1500 0.002
Precision Surface Grinder 9 450*150 0.0050
Large hydro-static grinder 2 1500*700 0.0010
Small hydro-static grinder 1 200*800 0.005
CNC Engraving Machine 3 400*300 0.008
Radial Drilling Machine 1 310 X 810 0.1000
Saw Machine 2 500*500 0.5000
Bending Machine 1 2500 X 600 X 5 0.1000
Shearer 1 2500 X 6 0.1000
GSAW Welder 2 / /
TIG Welder 2 / /
Spot Welder 2 / /
Punching Machining 1 / 0.1000

Quality Control: 
Precision Machined Parts CNC Milling Parts

Precision Machined Parts CNC Milling Parts

FHS Equipment Exihibition Activities
Precision Machined Parts CNC Milling Parts

We pursue the best QUALITY! 
Precision Machined Parts CNC Milling Parts

Q: What is your main product? 
A: FHS Equipment has four units including: Assembly Technology; Life Sciences; Test Technology and Precision Machining. Among these Assembly Technology, life science and test technology are of automation system and precision machining is customized parts whose process including CNC/milling/grinding/WEDM. 

Q: Where are your precision machining parts used? 
A: Precision parts from FHS Equipment are widely used, automation, mould, fixture, gauge and machinery. These parts can be used to produce cars, cell phones, computers, and even medical instruments. 

Q: Do you only produce with Steel? If not, what are other materials? 
A: Actually all the items are produced according to customers' specification. Steel, bronze, brass, nylon and aluminum are all available. 

Q: Have you ever got any qualification? 
A: We get some qualification from government and get through quality standard system like ISO9001 and ISO 14001. 

Q: What do I need for offering a quote? 
A: CAD or 3D drawing is preferred with material, dimension, tolerance, surface treatment and other technical requirement. We should also be informed of the quantity, which helps me to quote best price with delivery time. Normally all inquiry will be quoted within 1 workday. 

Q: What is your MOQ? 
A: Orders can be produced without MOQ. Quantity depends on customers' need. 

Q: What is your production cycle? 
A: It varies on technical requirements and quantity. We always try to meet customers' requirements by coordinating our workshop schedule. 

Q: What's the delivery time? 
A: Delivery time depends on the quantity and item specifications. Normally it takes 15 workdays to finish a complex item. 

Q: What kind of payment terms do you accept? 
A.: T/T is preferred. 

Q: If we received defective goods, what your solution is? 
A: We make products strictly according to drawings. If there should be any defective item, we will remake it at first time to ensure customer's use. After that we will study the quality problem to avoid same situation. 

Nanpi Jiantong Hardware Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. offers a wide range of metal brackets, include Angel brackets, corner brackets, L brackets, Steel Brackets, U shape brackets, solar brackets.

Material grade: stainless steel 301, stainless steel 304


                     steel DC01,DC04,ST12,Q235,SJ235R

                     galvanized steel sheet DX51D

Stock thickness ranges from 0.30mm-6.0mm for stainless steel

                                        0.30mm-6.0mm for aluminum

                                        0.20mm-6.0mm for carbon steel

Surface finishing: polishing, satin blasted, powder coating, electro plating, anodize

Application: connectors, mounting brackets, supports, chassis parts ..etc. 

Metal Bracket

Metal Bracket,Aluminum Bracket,Stainless Steel Bracket,Steel Brackets

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