Refitted car truck technology

With the advancement of human science and technology and economic development, people’s material needs are also increasing. The demand for foods for taste categories has increased substantially, and the sales of foods are getting better and better. How to let people eat healthy and nutritious ingredients is not only the pursuit of consumers, but also the needs of suppliers. The refrigerated truck realizes the food demand of suppliers and consumers and is mainly used for long-distance transportation of perishable, perishable and easily fermented foods such as fruits, seafood and fresh milk.


With the increase in the demand for refrigerated trucks, the cold chain market has gradually grown and expanded. Now, some refrigerated trucks are directly converted from vans. The production of the car body adopts foreign advanced technology and equipment, and the production materials are all made of polyurethane rigid foam and the inner and outer skins are bonded to each other. After being heated and pressed into shape, the box body is completely insulated without heat; it has light weight, high strength, and no Joints, beautiful appearance, good insulation, corrosion resistance and other advantages. The door frame and carriage materials are made of stainless steel, with side opening doors. Production process: The box is made of a fully plastic fully enclosed composite material board. The middle sandwich insulation material is polyurethane foam. The four sides use high-strength adhesive to bond the sheet and polyurethane foam together to form a closed plate. Fasten with embedded high-strength screws. Refrigeration method: evaporative cooling, the refrigerant is placed in a closed system, the working principle is that the liquid refrigerant vaporizes in the evaporator, then absorbs heat and refrigerates, after the heat is released in the condenser, it becomes liquid again, and thus it reciprocates The constant loop work.

The reason why the mechanical refrigerating device is widely used is that the refrigerating unit can be both refrigerated and heated, the temperature in the chamber can be controlled automatically, the adjusted temperature is accurate and reliable, and the range is wide, and it can be adapted to the transportation of various refrigerated goods. Although the structure of mechanical refrigeration devices is complex, the purchase cost and shipping costs are high, mechanical refrigeration is still one of the most reliable and effective refrigeration methods.

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