Shaanxi Auto and Xi'an Cummins officially held a national five-wide product launch conference

Quality Country V. Leading the whole process! On June 20, 2016, Shaanxi Automobile and Xi'an Cummins State Five Complete Product Launch Conference invited you to witness the product miracle in Zhengzhou!
Xi'an Cummins ISM 11 litre engine Xi'an Cummins ISM 11 litre engine

Shaanxi Automobile Xi'an Cummins Five products, based on the needs of each market segment, always adhere to the belief of a win-win situation of green and wealth, brought together the technical essence of various supply chains, and dedicated to creating a truly rich weapon for customers!

Shaanxi Steam Cummins, Quality Country V, Take the lead! We invite you to witness the history of the strongest "core" dirty - Xi'an Cummins ISM 11 litre engine! ISM11 Shengzhou five engines in 2011 has achieved volume delivery, after five years of continuous grinding With the optimization, what surprises and experiences will be brought to the customers? Welcome your joint testimony!

Friends, the era of the National Five is approaching, and a brand new opportunity has emerged. We would like every friend to choose a reliable product and achieve a glorious journey! We sincerely invite you to jointly witness the Shaanxi Automobile Cummins Kingdom. Five full-line products are listed and released!

China Trucking Network has been officially invited to attend and will bring you live news for the first time. Stay tuned.

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