Shehwa Dozer Flywheel House, 1V01002 1s02009

  • Model NO.: 1V01002 1S02009
  • Application: Dozer
  • Condition: New
  • Trademark: shehwa hbxg
  • Origin: China
  • Type: Flywheel
  • Certification: ISO9001: 2000
  • Warranty: 6 Month
  • Specification: 1V01002 1S02009
  • HS Code: 84314990
 crawler bulldozer parts
komatsu  shantui  shehwa hbxg zoomlion pengpu liugong sem cat

parts range: 
under carrier,  filter, cylinder, cab , pump , valve, hydraulic control , hose , tube , blade, ripper , engine parts,  radiator 

warranty :  3-6 month ,

package:  pallet / wood case 
OT07112    O-ring
OT07091    Bush
OT07092    Hinge
OT16085    O-ring
OT16087    Piston sleeve
OT16012    Bush
OT160130    Internal snap ring
OT16092    Sealing elements
OT16014    External snap ring
OT16007    Retaining key
OT04024    Output shaft
OT03226    The shaft final drive
1T12065    Hydraulic oil filter
KLQ1-42    Air Filter
11E1-70210    Fuel Filter
LF9009    Oil Filter
WF2076    Filter cooling system
1B01514    filter of the first stage of transmission
1V01462    filter of the second stage of transmission
LF777    filter oil
LF670    filter oil
FS1212    fuel filter
"KLQ1 -42,4300"    air filter
A61000070005    filter oil
KLQ1-42.4300    air filter
614080739A    fuel filter is
61500080078V    fuel filter GO
1V26022    Filter GAD
1T425    bearing
OT12304    Hydraulic pumps TRANSMISSION
OT16302    Breasted rink
OT16313    Breasted rink
GB2984    Roller supporting
OT04001    Shaft
OT05033-2    Segment 2-toothed
OT05033-1    Segment 3-toothed
OT05031    Mounting bolt segment
OT05032    Nut
OTO3040    Disc friction lock series
OTO3023    The inner ring of the piston lock series
OTO3024    The outer ring of the piston lock series
OT53011    Caterpillar
OT0400     Clutch brake side

Shehwa Dozer Flywheel House, 1V01002 1s02009

Shehwa Dozer Flywheel House, 1V01002 1s02009
Shehwa Dozer Flywheel House, 1V01002 1s02009


Aluminum Timing Covers and housing 

covers that are bolted on over rocker arms in an internal combustion engine . They are called valve covers in the United States, Canada, and in situations where Rocker Arms are not present, such as some Overhead Cam, and most Dual Overhead Cam engines. And rocker boxes in the United Kingdom.

On modern engines without rocker arms they are internationally known as "valve cover" but are sometimes referred to as a "cam cover" or "timing cover" if they also cover the Timing Gear (s) and belt or chain.

V engines   (  V6  ,   V8 , etc.) usually have two rocker covers, one for each bank of cylinders, while straight engines   and single-cylinder engines usually have one rocker cover. Very large multi-cylinder engines, such as those used in a ship or in aviation, may have one rocker cover for each cylinder, to make removal and installation more manageable.  

aluminum timing covers and housing aluminum timing covers and housing

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