Talking about the current situation of LED lighting

It is understood that the global promotion of low-carbon life, energy-saving and carbon-reducing LED lighting has become the darling of the times. LED is a new generation of environmentally friendly light source. Its high brightness, low heat, long life and environmental protection are called the most developed green lighting source in the 21st century. However, China's LED outdoor lighting technology content is not high, the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain are not in place, and the core technology is in a low-level development stage. In order to understand the status quo and development trend of LED outdoor lighting more comprehensively, I learned the president's opinion on LED lighting. Let's take a look at the obstacles and difficulties of the president of Xiangguan Optoelectronics in the LED lighting industry: (1) Technology is not based on G3 comprehensive report: The key factors restricting the development of LED outdoor lighting industry are the instability and extension of power system. The technology on the chip and the chip is not mature. At the same time, the LED technology is more reflected in the system design, structural design, and heat treatment. These technologies affect the application of the quality of LED outdoor lighting products. At the same time, Chinese enterprises do not master these technologies. high. (2) High price LED is a new technology product, its outdoor lighting products will be affected by brightness, antistatic ability, wavelength, leakage current, illumination angle, life, LED chip, chip size, colloid and so on. At the same time, the price of LED outdoor lighting products is also different due to the production of different materials. (3) There is no unified planning for LED landscape lighting. Many cities have poor lighting for LED lighting, mainly because of improper control of their light color, unstable flashing frequency, etc., which makes the night scene dazzling and will make the original beautiful night scene lose its proper The style of the residents affects the night life of residents and even interferes with traffic. (4) China's LED outdoor lighting market is chaotic China's LED lighting enterprises have formed a certain scale. With the development of the LED lighting industry, many companies have joined the R&D and production, but it is not clear that the technical truth has plagued the LED lighting market with plagiarism and follow-up habits, and also produced a large amount of garbage products without strict control, showing poor quality and technical content. Low characteristics have also led to vicious competition in the entire LED industry. With the development of China's economy, people's awareness of environmental protection has increased year by year, and green LEDs with no ultraviolet and infrared radiation and low heat will be more popular. LED is still the protagonist of the entire lighting industry in the next decade. It is the first place in outdoor lighting due to its advantages of energy saving, reliability, long life, diversified light color, simplicity, low pollution and light weight. Disclaimer: This article only represents the author's personal opinion and has nothing to do with this site. The originality and the text and content stated in the text have not been confirmed by this site. The website does not guarantee or promise the authenticity, completeness and timeliness of this article and all or part of the content and text. Please refer to the reader for reference only. Self-verify the relevant content. The publication of this article for the purpose of transmitting more information does not imply endorsement of its views or confirmation of its description, nor does it mean that this website is responsible for its authenticity.

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