Technical parameters of Yunxi Shaker

Cloud shaker tin technical parameters YTC shaker after use, should carry out the necessary maintenance and repair, due to shaking of the components are kept in good condition, not only can affect beneficiation indicators of performance and efficiency, but also increase its life.

First, the function and use of YTC shaker full production of drawings is Yunnan Tin Company in strict accordance with standard drawings produced by the major edible species shaker to a variety of non-ferrous metals to use. Especially for many metal mines, it can especially volatilize its miraculous function. It can select the re-election and selection of various non-ferrous metals below 2 mm. After many years of mine production practice, Yunxi Shaker has the characteristics of stable performance, high beneficiation efficiency, stability, low noise and convenient maintenance. It is well received by the majority of mine users.

Second, the basic structure Yunxi shaker is mainly composed of three parts: bed surface, bed head and sliding equipment. The bed surface is composed of a bed frame portion and a feeding tank, and the bed surface is divided into a coarse sand bed surface and a grooved bed surface. Select the appropriate bed surface according to the particle size and concentration of the beneficiation (see attached table). The bed surface is supported on the sliding device, and the bed surface hook of the bed head is connected to the bed surface, and the bed surface is reciprocated by the bed surface for beneficiation. The bed head adopts an eccentric shaft to drive the eccentric roller to push the rocker arm, so that the rocker arm fork pushes the coupling screw, thereby reciprocating the screw. The bed lubrication bearing adopts ZQSN5-5-5 material as the sliding bearing, which has the characteristics of low noise and flexible rotation. The part of the sliding device is mainly used to adjust the slope required by the ore dressing equipment, and the inclined plate is adjusted by the hand wheel. The bed surface produces a slope.

Third, the main technical parameters

name specification Technical performance
Bed size 4500×1850×1500mm Shaker category Stroke (mm) Punch times (times / minutes) Total water consumption (M 3 / Taiwan) Processing capacity (T/taizhou)
Dimensions 5454×1825×1242mm
Adjustable stroke 8-22mm Coarse sand bed 16-22 240-290 190 30
With motor Y90L-61.5 kW Cashmere bed 10-16 300-320 80 8
Total weight 800 kg Grooved bed 10-16 330-340 50 5

The outer Spherical Ball Bearing is what we usually call the outer Spherical Bearing. The reason why it is called ball bearing is that it belongs to Deep Groove Ball Bearing, and the rolling element in it is steel ball.


Deep groove ball bearing outer spherical ball bearing is convenient to use the main characteristics of simple for loading and unloading, self-aligning ball bearings, standard tolerances for internal and external diameter reduction, adding tolerances to ensure the shaft with the light; each set of ball bearings are not alone to use and he must match to bearing inside the whole machine, the outer spherical bearing are of various shapes so the overall fit for various structural position after use. The ball bearing of the outer sphere can be divided into three categories according to the way of matching with the axis.
Outer spherical ball bearing with top wire
Its code is: UC200 series (light series), UC300 series (heavy duty Series), and deformation products UB (SB) 200 series. If the environmental load is small, UC200 series should be selected generally, otherwise UC300 series should be selected. Generally, there are two top threads on the outer spherical ball bearing, the angle between them is 120 degrees. The characteristic is that when the shaft fits with the shaft, the top wire is applied to the shaft to play a fixed role, but the environmental requirements for its matching must have a small vibration range. This kind of spherical ball bearing is widely used in textile machinery, ceramic machinery and other manufacturing industries.
Spherical spherical ball bearing with taper
Its name is: UK200 series, UK300 series. The inner diameter of the outer spherical ball bearing is the taper hole with a ratio of 1:12. When used, it must be combined with the tight sleeve. The characteristics of this kind of outer spherical bearing are: it can bear more load than the outer ball bearing with top wire. Because the diameter matched with the locking set the same model than with the top wire outer spherical ball bearing small, such as with the top wire outer spherical ball bearing UC209 inner diameter is 45mm, and is matched with the diameter of the shaft is 45mm, and if if change into a tapered outer spherical ball bearing, can only choose 45mm diameter sleeve, and 45mm adapter sleeve with taper outer spherical ball bearing is UK210 (of course, if the load is higher then you can choose the UK310). As a result, the load on UK210 is much larger than that of UC209.
Spherical spherical ball bearing with eccentric sleeve
Its name is: UEL200 series, UEL300 series, SA200 series. The main characteristic of this kind of spherical ball bearing is that there is a certain eccentricity on the upper end of the bearing, and the eccentric sleeve with the same eccentricity is cooperated with it. These bearings can also be said to be a special bearing, because it is mainly in agricultural machinery (harvester, straw machine, threshing machine etc.) on the use of this kind of outer spherical ball bearing is mainly used to beat hard structure, combined with the eccentric structure can effectively reduce the dynamic jump violently.

Double layer seal
The outer spherical ball bearings than other ordinary bearings is a double seal, because the outer spherical ball bearing the use of environmental conditions are harsh, especially agricultural bearing even more, and the double sealing to ensure the dust is not easy to enter the channel within the last two years, some companies developed the outer spherical bearing three lip seal the more greatly enhance dustproof ability, prolonging the service life of the bearing.

Spherical Bearing

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