The first Michelin China Innovation Acceleration Program (MSAP) ended in Shanghai

After five months of selection and rigorous testing, the first Michelin China Innovation Acceleration Program (MSAP) ended successfully in Shanghai. The five start-ups stand out from nearly 200 participants and bring a range of innovative solutions for sustainable travel.

The Michelin China Innovation Acceleration Program was officially launched in early 2019, with the aim of relying on global innovation and incubation resources to provide domestic start-ups with rich industry knowledge and skills, as well as application scenarios for related solutions, and to promote innovative solutions for sustainable travel. .

Mr. Wei Shujie, President and Chairman of Michelin China (Kamran VOSSOUGHI) Mr. Wei Shujie, President and Chairman of Michelin China (Kamran VOSSOUGHI)

“Innovative spirit flows through the DNA of the Michelin Group. Over the years, Michelin has been committed to the exploration and innovation of sustainable travel.” Mr. Kamran VOSSOUGHI, President and Chairman of Michelin China, said, “In order to stimulate more Innovative enthusiasm, Michelin hopes to create an innovative ecosystem, and join hands with domestic like-minded people to work together, from 0 to 1, and ultimately create unlimited possibilities."

The launch of the first phase of the project attracted nearly 200 start-ups. After two months of selection, five companies including Cloud Fast Charge, Shibei Network, Armor Technology, Karma IOT and Amberlink emerged as seed players. In the next three months of the accelerated test of innovation, five companies focused on sustainable travel, and they all produced excellent “transcripts”.

Five seed players in the first phase of the project Five seed players in the first phase of the project

Cloud Fast Charger provides cloud sharing platform for charging pile operators, manufacturers and new energy vehicle owners, and introduces on-site vehicle inspection, which greatly optimizes the charging experience and vehicle safety.

By remotely collecting vehicle-related data, Shibei Network realizes the interconnection of vehicle driving and tire loss, maintenance and travel ecology, providing car owners with more accurate preventive maintenance reminders and more customized travel services.

In order to make up for the shortcomings and shortcomings of the traditional management mode, Armor Technology captures the full scene ecological data of the passenger car fleet through the vehicle networking equipment to provide operational risk control solutions for the fleet.

Sigma-Malaysia provides intelligent maintenance services and networking solutions for commercial vehicles and construction machinery, and provides intelligent fleet remote diagnosis and maintenance management services for enterprises.

Amberlink achieves full lifecycle tracking of tire assets through a low-power, low-cost positioning and data transfer overall solution, as well as a more scientific management system.

In the future, these five start-ups will work with Michelin to further advance the proven initial program, and strive to transform into a market-oriented business model, bringing innovative services to sustainable travel.

As an important force in the Michelin innovation strategy, the Michelin Asia Innovation Incubation Center has grown and expanded in recent years, bringing more new solutions by promoting the incubation and operation of new internal and external technologies and new business models. At present, the second phase of the innovation acceleration plan has been launched, and Michelin expects more partners to join in to create a sustainable future.

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