Today's recommendation: Liberation J6 single bridge 17 tanker

The tanker is divided into a variety of tank sizes, 5 squares, 8 squares, 10 squares, 15 squares, 18 squares, 20 squares, 25 squares, etc. The volume of tanks of different sizes is matched with the suitable chassis. Today I will introduce you to a tanker, which is a very cost-effective liberation J6L 11.8 square single-bridge oil truck.


First look at the chassis configuration of the car: this tanker is a Dachai 180 hp engine; the gearbox uses FAW 6-speed manual gearbox, direct manipulation, simple and fast; 10.00R22.5 wire tire, 378 rear axle , rear suspension for 2050mm, automatic air conditioning, electro-hydraulic lifting device, iron bumper, 150L aluminum alloy fuel tank, strong corrosion resistance, light weight, in line with the lightweight design of the vehicle; front disc brake, vehicle speed limit device, after Handling front, exhaust spark fire extinguisher, 2 electrostatic tow zone, 1kg dry powder fire extinguisher in the cab, front lower guard, detection joint, aluminum alloy gas tank, anti-splash fender, electric headlights, etc. Completely configured. The cab is half-tied, the space is large enough, the rear half-row can fully provide a single-person rest shop, and the two-point suspension cab design greatly enhances the driver's comfort.


The part of the tank of the Jiefang J6 oil tanker is made of high-quality carbon steel. It is affordable and has superior performance. The whole vehicle is equipped with a set of European standard, namely oil and gas recovery device, submarine valve, bottom load oil and anti-overflow probe. , European standard tank mouth, breathing valve. The oil and gas recovery device can recycle and reuse the oil and gas volatilized into the air to avoid oil and gas diffusion; the subsea valve is also called an emergency shut-off valve, which can prevent liquid leakage at critical moments and improve transportation safety; the bottom loading oil belongs to the quick unloading device. The performance is safe and reliable; the use of the anti-overflow probe holder can automatically alarm the brake when the oil level in the tank reaches the warning line, preventing the oil from overflowing and causing waste. The top of the tank can also be selected from stainless steel or aluminum alloy. The tanks of these two materials are relatively expensive, but the quality is relatively high. At the same time, the aluminum alloy tank can meet the requirements of many users for lightweighting, and the saved weight becomes the amount of equipment for your daily oil transportation, so that you can earn a lot of money, you know! !


Buying a tanker is just right now, and you can make money without losing money after years. In addition, the end of the year, the promotion of oil trucks is affordable, and the quality is absolutely guaranteed! Hurry and contact to buy it...

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Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine

The floor deck panel roll forming machine can be used as the eternal formwork of the cast-in-place concrete. And it can save the time and labor for install and demolish the formwork.It is mainly composed of decoiler roll forming part ,stamping part ,hydraulic cutting part , computer control system , receiving table.

Our deck floor tile molding machine can be profile custom,and are high quality,can longevity work.we can do any type of equipment according to customer requirements.

Floor deck are widely used in power plants, power equipment companies, automobile showrooms, steel plant, cement warehouse, steel office, airport terminals, railway stations, stadiums, concert halls, theaters, supermarkets, logistics centers, Olympic venues sports Venues and other steel structures .

Adapt to the main steel structure of the rapid construction requirements, to provide a firm homework platform in a short period of time, and the use of multiple layers of laying steel plate, layered pouring concrete slab construction.


Floor deck roll forming machine



Cutting type

Hydraulic type

Control system

PLC control

Roller processing


Width of the plate


Computer screen

Touch screen




8-10 m/min

Diameter of the roller

According to type

Total power


Dimension of major structure(L*W*H)


The floor deck panel roll forming machine

deck floor tile molding machine

deck floor tile molding machine

Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine

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