What are the reasons for LED full color display screen?

The new small-pitch LED display has just been charged. The vast majority of the reason is because the LED software control card settings are not scanned correctly, and the cable is not plugged in.
If it is because of the use of a period of time after the use of the screen phenomenon, the most common reason is the control card failure, the biggest cause of the failure of the control card is the LED panel water leakage caused by damage to the chip or power supply.
If you want to solve this kind of problem, you can try to connect a DVI interface monitor to see if the DVI output port of the graphics card is normal. In addition, the reason for the small-pitch led display screen is also the problem of the graphics card and the driver. If it is really a graphics card and driver problem, we suggest that you can try to replace the network cable that receives the card at the back of the display with the debug button on the receiving card to see if the display box scan is normal.
The last reason that may cause the small-pitch LED display screen is also shared here.
1. LED screen flower screen can not be displayed. Solution: Check if the power supply of the display is normal, and if there is strong input, it will lead to low or high.
2. The LED electronic display is not normal, the blur is not clear and the like. Solution: Check if the parameter setting of the LED control card is correct and the communication line is normal.
3. The screen of the display part is not normal, such as black screen, and the screen is blurred. Solution: Check if the power supply is working properly and the signal transmission line of the screen is faulty.

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