Yingxuan Heavy Industry - Hefei University of Technology signed a successful technical cooperation contract

On the morning of November 16, the signing ceremony of the technical cooperation between Yingxuan Heavy Industry and Hefei University of Technology was held in Yingxuan Heavy Industry Office Building. Wang Yong, Member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and Minister of the Organization Department, Huang Shijie, Director of the County Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Professor Lu Jianwei, Professor of Ph.D., Director of Yingxuan Group, Li Shiyong, Chairman of Yingxuan Group, Deputy General Manager of Yingxuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., General Manager of Loader Division Wang Jinhua and related leaders of the company attended. The meeting was presided over by Zhang Jijun, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Economic Development Zone.

Before the signing ceremony, Wang Yong pointed out in his speech that the equipment manufacturing industry is the traditional advantage industry of our county. Yingxuan Heavy Industry is the leading enterprise of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in our county. This cooperation with Hefei University of Technology not only has good industrial cooperation. The foundation and the broad development space indicate that both parties have taken substantial steps in the research and development of key technologies for loader performance optimization, which is of great significance to improving the R&D level of the equipment manufacturing industry in our county. I believe this "strong alliance", It will definitely bring new development opportunities to both parties. The economic development zone and relevant departmental units must do their utmost to provide good services and provide all convenient conditions for the project to carry out work.

Li Shiyong, Chairman of Yingxuan Group, extended a warm welcome to the leaders of the county and all the guests. He gave an in-depth introduction to the advantages of Yingxuan Heavy Industry in talents, R&D and manufacturing, and hoped that the signing of the opportunity will be more in-depth. Exchange and cooperation.

Professor Lu Jianwei also expressed his recognition of Yingxuan Heavy Industry. He said that in the early stage, the two sides had fully communicated and carried out all-round cooperation, comprehensively utilizing the academic, pilot and testing resources of universities and enterprises, and surrounding the vibration of construction machinery. Coordination of key technologies such as noise control, reliability improvement, and research and development of new energy engineering machinery products, and cooperation for the improvement of the technical capabilities of Yingxuan Heavy Industry products and better participation in market competition, providing talents and technology for the development of Yingxuan Heavy Industry Aspect support.

Subsequently, Wang Jinhua, deputy general manager of Yingxuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and general manager of Loader Division, and Professor Lu Jianwei of Hefei University of Technology discussed the key technologies of NVH performance analysis and optimization of the loader of Yingxuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., School of Automotive and Transportation Engineering, Hefei University of Technology. The signing of the Development Agreement marks the full implementation of technical cooperation between the two parties. (This article is from Yingxuan Heavy Industry)

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