China Steyr 618 Series Generator for 24 hours running,Steyr 618 Series Generator for 24 hours running Manufacturer
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Steyr 618 Series Generator for 24 hours running

  • Product Name:  Steyr 618 Series Generator for 24 hours running
  • Model NO.:  CGE-S
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  Standard shipment packaging
  • Brand Name:  Chaoran
  • Delivery Time:  15 Days
  • Minimum Order:  1 Set/Sets
  • Supply Ability:  100sets/week
  • Quality System Certification:  CE and ISO and TUV
  • Product Details:  Steyr 618 Series Generator for 24 hours running

1.Steyr is a kind of horse powered generator is a European brand.

series diesel engine as the dynamic force,the engine features in low fuel consumption rate,good dynamic performance,safety and reliable,this series generator set is widely used as major or backup power supply in fieldwork ,high building ,super market,factory,or yard,oil field,high road,harbor ,countryside and so on

Before-sale Service:we provide detailed product technical parameters to customers for equipment choosing and system designing.
Service quality assurance:Our staffs are all experienced and professional,who can provide the most proper system design and optimized equipment for the customers.
After-sale Maintenance Service:We create files for users and provide them follow-up service,regular return vist and permanent maintenance.
Service Quality Assurance:Under warranty,if the trouble or damage was occurred because of the machine quality problems(excluding wearing parts),we will repair or change the spare parts for free;contrarily,we will provide customers service and spare parts upon the customers request at preferential price.If customers requiry and pay the fees,we can offer locale services,such as installation ,operation training and maintenance and so on.And also we will be your general products consultant all time.
We maintain enough storage of spare parts for all kinds of equipment that we sale,to ensure the supply in time .We also have storage of some spare parts of other generator sets to meet the customers request.
Notes:Generator sets warranty periods are 12 moths from delivery day or 1500 hours from first start-up day (take the first as standard).
Spare parts supply:we provide all kinds of spare parts and technical support.
Major Overhaul or Maintenance Service:we provide perennial major overhaul and maintenance service.
We will provide the advice of major overhaul or maintenance and do the services as per the users request.

horse powered generator


Genset Model Standby Prime Rated Loading Fuel Consump Engine Model Coolant Capacity Lub.Oil Capacity Weight Packing Dimension (MM)
KW/KVA KW/KVA (L/h) (L) (L) KG Length Wide Hight
SHS 150GF 165/206 150/187.5 35 WP10D200E200 35 19 2300 2900 1100 2000
SHS 180GF 198/247.5 180/225 42 WP10D200E200 35 19 2500 3000 1100 2000
SHS 200GF 220/275 200/250 46.5 WP10D238E200 35 19 2500 3000 1100 2000
SHS 250GF 275/344 250/312.5 58 WP12D317E200 40 23 2600 3000 1100 2000
SHS 280GF 308/385 280/350 65 WP12D317E200 45 25 2700 3000 1100 2000
SHS 300GF 330/412.5 300/375 75 WP13D317E200 45 25 2700 3000 1100 2000

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