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Trailer Generator Set

The Trailer generator sets supply the mobile power for equipments, it with complete facilities, easy to use and flexible mobile. This type generator sets can be widely used in electric power, army, highway, factory, exploration and other fields of emergency power supply.

The Trailer Generator sets are designed for mobile power supply based on field work or the special requirements of operation, with the following characteristics:
1.the cover made of the national standard 2mm cold plate,this is orrosion-resistant, good sealing, water-resistant moisture-proof.
2, four windows and doors with automatic hydraulic support, easy to open.
3, the trailer for the four tires trailers, wheel steering, turning big angle, high mobility.
4.Structural steel spring suspension.
6, the frame corners with mechanical support devices,three sides of the trailer anti-skid operating platform,comfortably maintenance operations.
7,the trailer use height adjustable bolt tractor ,be suitable for various heights tractor.

The Trailer generator set has a fuel tank, suspension, traction devices, and walking devices and auxiliary support devices. And additional cable installations and other ancillary equipment against customer request .